sweet talk Gen wo Shuo
Album by RuRu
Native title sweet talk 跟我説
Released November 21, 2003
Genre C-Pop
Format CD+VCD, Cassette
Language Taiwanese
Label Virgin Music Chinese (03V08), EMI (0724359695709)
RuRu Albums Chronology
Previous Single (2002)
Next Shoshin (2007)

sweet talk Gēn wǒ Shuō (sweet talk 跟我说; Say Sweet Things To Me, lit: Sweet Talk Say To Me) is Honda Ruru's third album. It features three new tracks (# 1-3), five tracks from her first album (#4-8) and six tracks from her second album (#9-14).

Two music videos were also made to promote the album ("Gen Wo Shuo" and "Aiqing Kuai Shan Zu"), but neither was featured on the VCD that came with the album. The VCD did however feature a few of the videos from her first and second albums.

Illegal copies of this album is in circulation. They have a different cover (picture is taken from the booklet of "sweet talk Gēn wǒ Shuō") and are listed as a karaoke DVD (81043B) and karaoke VCD (51121B). They both feature music videos for ten of the album’s 14 tracks, as well as a video for "RAIN RAIN" (probably the song "Yu" misspelled) and a video for "Gei Wo Yidian Ai Tonight" (available on her second album Single).



  1. Gen Wo Shuo (跟我说; Say to Me)
  2. Aiqing Kuai Shan Zu (爱情快闪族; Love Flash Mob)
  3. Yi Diandian Liliang + You Shihou Mei Shihou + Ai Shangle (Remix Ban) (一点点力量+有时候没时候+爱上了(Remix 版); A Little Power+Sometimes Yes Sometimes No+Fell in Love (Remix Version))
  4. Meili Xinqing (美丽心情; Beautiful Mood)
  5. Ai Shiteru (Ai Shangle) (愛してる (爱上了)); I Love You (Fell in Love))
  6. Yu (雨; Rain)
  7. Jin Tiandi Zhufu, Mingtian Di Gudu (天的祝福 明天的孤独; Today’s Wishes, Tomorrow’s Loneliness)
  8. Yi Diandian Liliang (一点点力量; A Little Power)
  9. Di Ji Ci (第几次; How Many Times)
  10. You Shihou Mei Shi (有时候 没时候; Sometimes I Have, Sometimes I Don’t)
  11. Shen A! Qing Duo Gei Wo Yidian Liliang (神啊!请多给我一些力量; God, Please Give Me More Power)
  12. Danshen Nuzi Julebu
  13. Lan Se Shanshou Xian (蓝色山手线 ; Blue Yamanote Line)
  14. Dongji De Aiqing Gushi (冬季的爱情电影; Winter Love Movie)


  1. Meili Xinqing (MV)
  2. Ai Shiteru (Ai Shangle) (MV)
  3. You Shihou Mei Shihou (MV)
  4. Shen A! Qing Duo Gei Wo Yidian Liliang (MV)
  5. Danshen Nuzi Julebu (MV)


  • RuRu’s record company issued a promo single for "Gen Wo Shuo".


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