Sweet Days
429px-Sweetdays s
Solo Photobook by Konno Asami
Released September 12, 2006
Publisher Wani Books
Photographer Tetsuya Arai
Konno Asami Publications Chronology
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Sweet Days is the 5th solo photobook released by Konno Asami. The photobook was published by Wani Books on September 12, 2006 and also came with a Making-of DVD and a trading card. The photography was done by Tetsuya Arai.


Photobook TitleEdit

The title of the photobook is a telling of the last lovely days before you become an adult.

Photobook ContentEdit

The photobook shows Konno growing into an adult woman from an innocent young girl. The photobook is set up in a summer theme. It contains many pictures of her in different bikinis and relax wear. The pictures are mostly delicate close ups of her face. The photobook also has writing from Konno in it and pictures gathered from her earlier photobooks. This is also the first and only photobook she released after leaving Morning Musume.

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