Summer Days
Regular Edition
Solo Photobook by Makino Maria
Released August 25, 2018
Publisher Odyssey Books
Cooperation with Wani Books
Photographer Okamoto Takeshi
Makino Maria Publication Chronology
Previous Maria 17sai (2018)
Next María 18 años (2019)
Other Covers

MakinoMaria-SummerDays-Amazoncover Amazon Limited Cover

Making DVD Type-A (Odyssey Books)

Making DVD Type-B (Hello! Project Official Shop)

Making DVD Type-C (Wani Books Special Edition)

Summer Days is the third major solo photobook by Makino Maria. It was released on August 25, 2018 by Odyssey Books and marketed by Wani Books.[1]

A limited edition including a 45-minute making-of DVD was sold by the Odyssey Books Official Shop (via e-LineUP! Mall), the Hello! Project Official Shop, and Wani Books Special Edition with a different DVD cover for each store (three types total).[2]

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  • Release events were held at SHIBUYA TSUTAYA in Tokyo on August 27, 2018[3] and the Hello! Project Official Shop in Osaka on September 7, 2018.[4]



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