Sugar Time
Atsuko Inaba Sugar Time
Sugar Time
Single by Inaba Atsuko
Native title シュガータイム
Released September 28, 1996
Genre J-Pop
Format CD
Label 100% Office
Producer 秋山道男 (Akiyama Michiyo?)

Sugar Time is a CD single by Inaba Atsuko before she joined Hello! Project.

After Inaba's 1993 debut as a member of Osaka Performance Doll (OPD), she became one of the front members of the group, performing main vocals on their songs and playing a large role in their live performances. However, in 1996, she graduated from OPD along with Furutani Ayano and began her solo career. Using the singing and dancing skills she honed during her time with OPD, she played the lead role in the musical "Take Back Wonderland!!" (Molly Mole, Fushigi no Kuni wo Torimodose!!) She also released "Sugar Time", the theme song to the musical, as a single.

The song was a pop number unlike the songs of either OPD or Taiyo to Ciscomoon, and was only sold at the theater itself, making it a rare item that is difficult to get a hold of.


  1. Atsuko Inaba Sugar Time OPD Osaka Performance Doll Taiyou to CIscomoon
    Sugar Time (Recording Version)
  2. シュガータイム・ララバイ (Sugar Time Lullaby)
  3. Sugar Time (Backing Track)

Album InformationEdit

  • Lyrics: Haruo Hitani? (樽谷春緒), Michio Akiyama
  • Music & Arrangement: Makoto Itoya? (糸屋誠)


  • Inaba and Furutani Ayano started the group Pirit Color together in 2014.


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