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Special! Best Mini ~2.5maime no Kare~ (スッペシャル!ベストミニ〜2.5枚目の彼〜) is an extended play CD released by pre-teen Japanese pop band Berryz Koubou. It is the third of three releases issued by the band in the space of four weeks, along with their second album Dai ② Seichouki and tenth single "Gag 100kaibun Aishite Kudasai".

The extended play contains five previously released tracks in the aforementioned tenth single's A-side, plus four earlier single sides. Only one track, "Arigatou! Otomodachi.", is a new track.

The extended play's release is apparently tied to the Christmas gift-giving season, as it's outer tray liner and booklet back cover depicts the group members standing in a light snowfall, while the inside tray liner and the CD's label depicts a cartoon snowman.

Former group member Ishimura Maiha appears but is not credited on the four previously released closing tracks on the extended play.



PV Berryz工房 ありがとう!おともだち。

Arigatou! Otomodachi MV

  1. Gag 100kaibun Aishite Kudasai
  2. Arigatou! Otomodachi. (ありがとう!おともだち。; Thank You! Friend.)
  3. Special Generation
  4. 21ji Made no Cinderella
  5. Piriri to Yukou!
  6. Anata Nashide wa Ikite Yukenai

Featured Members[]

Album Information[]

Arigatou! Otomodachi.

Concert Performances[]

Arigatou! Otomodachi.

Oricon Chart Positions[]

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Week Rank Sales
- 14 35 - - - - 45 6,071
- - - - - - - 210 1,001

Total Reported Sales: 7,072


  • Tsugunaga Momoko performed a version of "Arigatou! Otomodachi." (ありがとう!おともだち。; Thank You! Friend.) retitled "Arigatou! Otomomochi." (ありがとう!おとももち。; Thank You! Momochi-friends.) at her final concert as an idol. Here, "Otomomochi" (おとももち; Momochi-friends) is a combination of "Otomodachi" (おともだち; friends) and Tsugunaga Momoko's nickname "Momochi" (ももち).

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