Musical "Sougen no Hito" Original Cast Ban
Musical "Sougen no Hito" Original Cast Ban
Album by Hello! Project
Native title ミュージカル「草原の人」オリジナルキャスト盤
Released March 5, 2003
Genre J-Pop
Format CD
Label zetima zetima
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Musical "Sougen no Hito" Original Cast Ban (ミュージカル「草原の人」オリジナルキャスト盤; Musical «Prairie Girl» Original Cast Record) is a soundtrack album from the musical of the same name. It stars Matsuura Aya in the lead role, her first musical, as well as Shibata Ayumi, Murata Megumi, Otani Masae, Saito Hitomi and Toda Rinne.

The album reached #62 on the Oricon charts, charting for two weeks. Track 13-21 are instrumentals.

The title of the play can be interpreted differently; it might refer to the people in the play («People of the Fields»), the female lead character («Prairie Girl») or the male lead character («Boy in the Field»).


  1. Sougen no Hito (草原の人; Prairie Girl) - by Matsuura Aya
  2. YOKOHAMA SING A SONG (Opening Version) - by Matsuura Aya
  3. お出かけスカーレット (Odekake Scarlet; Hanging Out Like Scarlett O’Hara) - by Saito Hitomi, Rinne, Otani Masae, Murata Megumi, Yuka Eri, Ensemble
  4. 映画館があるからさ! (Eigakan ga Aru Kara sa!; Because We Have the Movie Theatre) - by Matsuura Aya, Shibata Ayumi, Ensemble
  5. Shinminato Futou no Minatoshuu (新港埠頭の港唱) - by Matsuura Aya, Kato Noriko, Ensemble
  6. 御機嫌斜めブギウギ (Gokigennaname Boogie Woogie; «I’m Irritated!» Boogie Woogie) - by Shibata Ayumi, Otani Masae
  7. YOKOHAMA SING A SONG - by Matsuura Aya
  8. Bokura no Nohara wa Yakenohara (僕らの野原は焼け野原; Our Field Is a Burnt Field) - by Matsuura Aya, Kato Noriko
  9. Murusaki no Tsuki (紫の月; Purple Moon) - by Matsuura Aya
  10. Sayonara (さようなら; Goodbye) - by Matsuura Aya
  11. Kesshin (決心; Determination) - by Matsuura Aya
  12. Aiko to Noboru no Ballad (愛子とのぼるのバラード; The Ballad of Aiko And Noboru) - by Matsuura Aya, Kato Noriko
  13. Shinminato Futou no Minatoshuu (Jazz Version)
  14. Sougen no Hito (Piano & Strings Version)
  15. Sougen no Hito (Piano Solo)
  16. Shinminato Futou no Minatoshuu (Comical Version) (新港埠頭の港唱 (コミカルVersion))
  17. Odekake Scarlet (Jazz Version)
  18. Murusaki no Tsuki (Jazz Version)
  19. YOKOHAMA SING A SONG(Jazz Version)
  20. Shinminato Futou no Minatoshuu (Oosawagi Version) (新港埠頭の港唱 (大騒ぎVersion))
  21. Sayonara (Instrumental)

Featured MembersEdit

  • Ensemble
    • Kato Noriko
    • Ogishima Shinichi
    • Yuka Eri
    • Yokoyama Chisa
    • Tsuji Sayaka
    • Noguchi Hiroko
    • Katagiri Yuko
    • Kawazaki Miki
    • Ikegami Ryo
    • Nao (Gee-Hoizu)
    • Oshimizu Hakata
    • Michima


  • Toda Rinne had just graduated from Country Musume to become a stage actress. This is the only thing she did.


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