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Song for the DATE is the 12th single by Mano Erina. It was released on June 27, 2012, in 3 editions, Regular, Limited A, and Limited B. The limited A comes with a bonus DVD and the limited B comes with a ticket for a handshake event with Mano. The music video was directed by Iizuka Ken, a film director.



真野恵里菜 「Song for the DATE」 (MV)

Song for the DATE (MV)


  1. Song for the DATE
  2. Aozora ga Waratteru (青空が笑ってる; The Blue Sky Is Laughing)
  3. Song for the DATE (Instrumental)

Limited Edition A DVD[]

  1. Song for the DATE (sideB)

Single Information[]

Mano Erina promoting the single

  1. Song for the DATE
    • Lyrics and Composition: MIKOTO
    • Arrangement: Kawai Eiji
    • Music Video: Iizuka Ken[1]
  2. Aozora ga Waratteru


Concert Performances[]

Song for the DATE
Aozora ga Waratteru

Event Performances[]

Song for the DATE

Oricon Chart Positions[]

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Week Rank Sales
- 9 10 7 13 6 8 7 11,720
- - - - - - - - 1,277

Total Reported Sales: 12,997


  • There are three different versions of the "Song for the DATE" MV. The sideA version was uploaded to Mano Erina's official YouTube channel, while the sideB version was included on the Limited Edition A DVD of this single. The sideA and the sideC versions were later included in the Mano Erina Single V Clips 2 DVD.

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