Snow Paradise
Single by Peachy
Native title スノーパラダイス
Released December 6, 2000
Genre J-pop
Format CD single
Length 15:33
Label Fun House
Producer Okui Kaori
Ishii Rika Singles Chronology
Previous Super Jet Shoes ~Mirai wo Aruku Kutsu~ 1st single (2000)
Next Yumemiru Chikara 3rd single (2001)

Snow Paradise (スノーパラダイス) is the second single by Peachy. It was released on December 6, 2000.


  1. Snow Paradise
  2. tiny tiny X'mas
  3. Snow Paradise (Karaoke)
  4. tiny tiny X'mas (Karaoke)

Single InformationEdit

All Lyrics, composition, and arrangement for all songs
  • Okui Kaori



  • Snow Paradise was used as FIS World Cup’s official song.

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