Sunshine Jelly
Released 2001
Genre C-Pop
Label EMI

Yang Guang Guo Dong (阳光果冻; Sunshine Jelly) is a Chinese drama starring eight popular Taiwanese singers, including Rainie Yang, Angie Hou, Ben, Danny, Ruru Honda, Wu Ko Chun, Yeung Shin Lin and Chris.

Sunshine Jelly is a story evolving around the relationship of a group of youngsters. The drama was released on VCD and DVD, The DVD also contained 8 songs.


  1. OH! I by B.A.D.
  2. 失去联络 (Shi Qu Lian Luo) by B.A.D.
  3. 你那边几点 (Ni Na Bian Ji Dian) by Liu Hong
  4. 夏天的圣诞节 (Xian Tian De Sheng Dan Jie) by B.A.D.
  5. 得到你的方法 (De Dao Ni De Fang Fa) by B.A.D.
  6. 一定要满足 (Yi Ding Yao Man Zu) by Ginny Liu
  7. 给我一点爱TONIGHT (Gei Wo Yi Dian Ai Tonight) by RuRu Honda
  8. 无言歌 (Wu Yan Ge) by Ginny Liu


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