Special Terms is a side page for the purpose of listing special terms used with the Hello! Project idols.

General TermsEdit


A 2Shot or 3Shot is a ticket that can be purchased at minor live events in Japan. A 2shot is a picture of a fan with one of the group members. A 3Shot is a picture of a fan with two of the group members.

Pairing namesEdit


PonPon (ぽんぽん) is the pairing name of the pair Fukumura Mizuki and Ikuta Erina. The name originated in 2011 and was first used by the two, whose official nicknames contained the suffix "pon": "Mizu☆Pon" (みず☆ポン) for Fukumura and "Eripon" (えりぽん) for Ikuta. Their catchphrase is "Mizupon desu, Eripon desu. Futari Awase PonPon desu!".

Business PonPon

Business PonPon (ビジネスぽんぽん) is another phrase for the pairing "PonPon". The name was created by Sayashi Riho, who mainly uses it. The single version of the term is "Business Pon" (ビジネスぽん), whom both Fukumura and Ikuta have used in the past.

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AyuMizuki from Morning Musume '16 2016 Calendar

AyuMizuki is a pairing name used identify the pair Fukumura Mizuki and Ishida Ayumi. The pairing name was used first in 2012.


AyuMiZukki is a pairing used for the trio Fukumura Mizuki, Suzuki Kanon, and Ishida Ayumi. The term originated in 2012, when the trio used "AyuMiZukki" to refer to themselves in a video while promoting concert goods.


SayaSuzu (さやすず) is the pairing name of the pair Sayashi Riho & Suzuki Kanon's unofficial pairing name used by fans is "SayaSuzu".


"Suberi Combi"

Suberi Combi (滑りコンビ), also known as Suberies (滑りーズ), is the pairing name used for the pair Ikuta Erina and Ishida Ayumi. "Suberi Combi," short for "Suberi Conbination," translates to "Bomber Squad". The term from the word "Suberi-Gei" which is a kind of comedy with failing jokes. They both have bad jokes, so they were given this pairing name.


MaRiKaedy (まりかえでぃー) is a pairing used for the trio Makino Maria, Sasaki Rikako, and Kaga Kaede. The term originated in 2017 during the Hello! Project Hina Fest 2017 lottery.

Asakura Kiki, blog, Niinuma Kisora-550385

Kikisora is the pairing name of the pair Asakura Kiki and Niinuma Kisora. The pair is referred to as "Kikisora" a combination of their names "Kiki" and "Kisora".


Saokiki is the pairing name of the pair Onoda Saori and Asakura Kiki. The pair is referred to as "Saokiki" a combination of their names "Saori" and "Kiki".


Yokochii is the pairing name of the pair Yokoyama Reina and Morito Chisaki. The pair is referred to as "Yokochii" a combination of their nickname "Yokoyoko" and "Chii-chan".

Fictonal charactersEdit


Sayamaru (さやまる) is a fictonal character created by Sayashi Riho, originally drawn by Fukumura Mizuki.[1] The character is popular among her fans and she is now desiging Sayamaru in her goods.

  • Name: Sayamaru (さやまる)
  • Nickname: Sayamarurun (さやまるるん)
  • Height: About the size of a ping pong ball
  • Weight: Similar to a marble
  • Favourite drink: Cider
  • Special skill: Sleeping


Suu-san (すーさん) is a fictonal character created by Suzuki Airi.[2] The character originated in 2007, when a figure similar to Suu-san appeared as a character in "Buono! man". The character devolped through the years until 2010, when the current Suu-san was born. The character is popular among her fans and Suzuki has been implementing her character into her goods, including a Suu-san plush doll. Suu-san also had its own comic.


"Ganbatte-Ikuta!" is Ikuta Erina's catchphrase, mainly used during concerts. Ganbatte-Ikuta means ganbatteiku (I'll do my best + Ikuta). When Ikuta said "Ganbatte", public reply "Ikuta!".

Usa-chan Peace (うさちゃんピース; Bunny Peace) is a phrase that has become a trademark of former Morning Musume member Michishige Sayumi. While saying this phrase, she places her hands next to her ears and holds her index and middle fingers in V shapes to imitate rabbit ears. According to Michishige, Usa-chan Peace became her trademark pose gradually. At first she used it when taking print club photos with her sister, but after seeing how cute it looked, she started adopting it on official photoshoots and related events.[3]

The Usa-chan Peace pose has been widely reproduced in Hello! Project productions (such as the aforementioned Bow 30° drama, in the second episode of the first series) and events, but also outside the scope of Tsunku's all-girls franchise, most notably in the 132nd Ryūnosuke Akutagawa prize award ceremony. For the commemorative photograph of the event, Kazushige Abe (阿部和重) held his hands in a manner patterned after the Usa-chan Peace sign, in a clear homage to Michishige's invention.

Tsugunaga Momoko's favorite apology expression, modified from a proper phrase for apologizing "yurushite kudasai (please forgive me)", always used with a gesture mimicking cat's paws.

Fanbase namesEdit


Mizukingdom (written in Japanese as ミズキングダム and 聖王国, or capitalized as MIZUKINGDOM) is the name for Fukumura Mizuki's fanbase. It is often represented by a castle. Mizukingdom has also been called "Team Mizukingdom". The term "Mizukingdom" has been used since 2011, when Fukumura joined Morning Musume.

  • She often calls her solo handshake events Mizukingdom meetings, or Mizukingdom gatherings.
  • In the Wakuteka Take a Chance profile questions, she was asked what she wanted to do her whole life, and one of her answers was "create the Mizukingdom".

Kobushi-gumi (こぶし組) is the name for Kobushi Factory's fanbase. The term has been used since November 20, 2015, being announced at the Kobushi Factory Live Tour 2015 ~ The First Ring! ~.


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