Sotoyama-bushi ~Sotoyama~
Sotoyama-bushi A Priest Miwa Kominato (2)
A Version
Single by Priest
from the album Mahora no Tsuki
Native title 外山節 ~Sotoyama~
Released August 19, 2003
Genre Pop, Minyo, Folk
Format CD
Other Covers
Sotoyama-bushi B Priest Miwa Kominato (1)
B Version
Sotoyama-bushi ~Sotoyama~ (外山節 ~Sotoyama~; Sotoyama Folk Song ~Sotoyama~) is Priest’s debut indies single.

There are two version of the single, an A Version and a B Version. Track listing is the same for both singles, only difference is in the covers. The single cost 500 yen.


  1. Sotoyama-bushi ~Sotoyama~
  2. Sotoyama-bushi ~Sotoyama~ (Instrumental)

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Lyrics: Traditional | Music: Traditional | Arrangement: Mitsuhiro Sakakibara

Bushi is a type of folk song, and Sotoyama-bushi is a popular folk song originated in Iwate Prefecture around the 1800s. Farmers used to sing this song during mowing.


  • わたしゃ外山の日陰わらび
  • 誰も折らぬでほだとなる
  • コラサノサンサーコラサノサンサー
  • わたしゃ外山の野に咲く
  • ききょう折らば折らんせ今のうち
  • コラサノサンサーコラサノサンサー

  • watasha Sotoyama no hikage warabi
  • daremo oranu de hoda to naru
  • watasha Sotoyama no no ni saku
  • kikyou oraba oranse ima no uchi

  • I am a bracken fiddlehead grown in a shaded area of Sotoyama
  • No one wishes to harvest me, so I grow tall and become a frond
  • Korasanosansaa Korasanosansaa
  • I am a balloon flower grown in the field of Sotoyama
  • If you wish to harvest me, please go ahead right about now
  • Korasanosansaa Korasanosansaa

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