SPATIO (スパティオ) is an indie idol group from Oita. Spatio means "space and time", and they aim to be idols that can be loved over time and space. The name is a combination of the word “SPA” (hot spring) and “Oita” ("ATIO" when spelled backwards). They want to show great love for their hometown, Oita.

Goto Sayaka was member of the group before joining Hello Pro Kenshuusei.

SPATIO KIDS (スパティオ キッズ) is SPATIO's sister group, formed on July 22, 2018. On April 1, 2020, the group's name was officially changed to SPATIO ERPHY (スパティオ エルフィー) as they declare they passed from being kids idol and will give mature-ish live performances with new songs and costumes. The word 'ERPHY' is a combination of the words 'eerashii' ( え〜らしい ), an Oita dialect which means 'adorable' and 'sylph' known with the Japanese as 'silphy' (シルフィー), the fairy-like mythical creature. A Live to introduce the newly renamed group was set on April 5 but got cancelled due to the coronavirus.







SPATIO MembersEdit


  • Okazaki Hina (岡崎日菜; Purple Colorball Purple) Leader
  • Shiraishi Karen (白石花恋; Red Colorball Red)
  • Himeno Umi (姫野羽美; Yellow Colorball Yellow)
  • Nakamura Iyu (中村唯優; Green Colorball Green)


  • Christa Ami (クリスタ亜美; Red Colorball Red) (Former Leader, graduated March 2013)
  • Abe Kayako (阿部華也子; Pink Colorball Pink) (Former Leader, graduated December 2013)
  • Ota Steffi (太田シュテフィ; Blue Colorball Blue) (graduated April 2014)
  • Goto Ami (後藤亜美; Purple Colorball Purple) (graduated June 2014)
  • Matsunaga Mirano (松永みらの; Yellow Colorball Yellow) (graduated December 2014)
  • Hirose Ayaka (廣瀬彩加; Orange Colorball Orange) (graduated March 2015)
  • Kajiwara Yume (梶原永遠; Green Colorball Green) (graduated March 2015)
  • Oie Aika (尾家愛佳; Red Colorball Red) (graduated July 2015)
  • Arakane Rina (荒金利奈; Pink Colorball Pink) (graduated January 2016)
  • Kawano Yuuka (河野友香; Purple Colorball Purple) (Former Leader, graduated June 2016)
  • Miyashiro Anna (宮代晏奈; Blue Colorball Blue) (graduated June 2016)
  • Goto Sayaka (後藤咲香; Purple Colorball Purple) (graduated November 2017)
  • Watanabe Hinako (渡辺日向子; Yellow Colorball Yellow) (Former Leader, graduated March 2018)
  • Takahata Inori (高畠祈莉; Orange Colorball Orange) (Former Leader, graduated March 2019)
  • Matsumoto Nana (松本奈々; Blue Colorball Blue) (Former Leader, graduated July 2020)

SPATIO ERPHY (formerly SPATIO KIDS) MembersEdit





  • Yuua (ゆうあ; Green Colorball Green) Leader
  • Saki (さき; Pink Colorball Pink)
  • Mina (みな; Yellow Colorball Yellow)
  • Aina (あいな; Purple Colorball Purple)



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