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Nishida Issei (西田一生), real name Nishida Akio (西田明生), is a Japanese dance choreographer and the director of the dance production company Nishida Project.[1] He also runs a dance school under the company named Studio Dance Nuts'.[2]

His early choreographic works for Hello! Project were all Shugo Chara! anime songs,[3] but since 2017, he has created dances for the groups Kobushi Factory and Tsubaki Factory.


Nishida Issei was born as Nishida Akio on September 17, 1970 in Hiroshima, Japan.[4]

He loved doing rhythmic gymnastics as a child and believed he could one day compete in the Olympic Games. In his second year of middle school, Nishida became obsessed with artists such as Michael Jackson, Shounentai, Kazami Shingo, and Issei Fuubi Sepia and joined a street dancing team at the park behind Hiroshima Municipal Stadium.[4]

He continued dancing with the same street dancing team as a high school student, and they started performing at events. The team then entered a CBS・SONY (now Sony Music) audition, and they were one of the 11 chosen out of 12,000 auditionees to continue onto the main competition.[4] Although they failed to make it to the Grand Prix, Nishida later received a personal phone call from the head choreographer at the company who encouraged him to move to Tokyo.[5] He took the choreographer's advice and applied for Asia University in Tokyo, where he studied while training at CBS・SONY. Around this time, he first met 22-year-old Papaya Suzuki[4] who later became known for choreographing "Koisuru Fortune Cookie" for AKB48 in 2013.

As a university student, Nishida worked for the theater company Gekidan Tsuta doing stage lighting. He also got another part-time job in Toei Animation's costume shows when Dragon Ball and Sailor Moon were popular and often performed as Tuxedo Mask at amusement parks and department stores. Over time, Nishida became in charge of the production and choreography of the costume shows, which was his first job as a choreographer.[4]

In his third year of university, he formed Nishida Project and gathered actors and dancers to perform shows. They had five total performances after their first, We Are Music, in 1991. After graduating from university (which took him six years), Nishida Project became more of a talent production because of its performers receiving requests to appear in shows outside of the project.[4] Papaya Suzuki had also started his own company, and 20-year-old Nishida became his assistant choreographer for many years.[5]

In 1999, Nishida started a kids' dance team named DANCE NUTS' and at the same time opened Studio Dance Nuts' in Tokyo's Shinagawa ward. Because Nishida had to take out a loan to open the studio, he decided to be reborn under the name "Nishida Issei" to bring out his fighting spirit.[4]

At first, Nishida mostly worked on choreography for rock bands, but his idol work increased tremendously after "Honto no Jibun" and "Ren'ai♥Rider" for Buono!.[6][5][7] He has since created dances for TV commercials and many more idol groups.


  • Birth Name: Nishida Akio (西田明生)
  • Stage Name: Nishida Issei (西田一生)
  • Birthdate: September 17, 1970 (1970-09-17) (age 51)
  • Birthplace: Hiroshima, Japan
  • Blood Type: A[4]
  • Western Zodiac: Virgo.svg Virgo
  • Eastern Zodiac: Dog.png Dog



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  • [2008] PIZZA-LA "Kongari Atsuatsu Gratin" (ピザーラ「こんがりあつあつグラタン」)[1]


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