Natsu Mayumi (夏まゆみ) was the first dance choreographer of Morning Musume and other early Hello! Project groups including Tanpopo, Petitmoni, Minimoni, and Taiyou to Ciscomoon.

Her most recent work with UP-FRONT PROMOTION and Hello! Project was "Morning Coffee (20th Anniversary Ver.)" by Morning Musume 20th in 2018.

She is a prolific choreographer known for her work with Morning Musume and AKB48, and also for being a difficult and sometimes "scary" dance teacher. She has written multiple books on the subject of dancing for idols.

Choreography Credits

3nin Matsuri

7nin Matsuri

10nin Matsuri

Abe Natsumi

Akagumi 4

Aoiro 7

Berryz Koubou

Country Musume ni Ishikawa Rika

Dream Morning Musume

Fujimoto Miki

Goto Maki


H.P. All Stars


Morning Musume

Morning Musume 20th

Morning Musume Tanjou 10nen Kinentai



Sexy 8


Taiyou to Ciscomoon




  • [2003.01.05] Henshin Kakumei You can do it! (変身革命 You can do it!; The Transformational Revolution You can do it!)
  • [2013.01.03] Dance no Tame no Junbi Undou Kega wo Shinai Karada / Kega wo Sasenai Shidouhou (ダンスのための準備運動 ケガをしない身体づくり/ケガをさせない指導法; Preparation for Dance: Injuries and Instructional Methods to Avoid Them)
  • [2014.04.22] Dance no Chikara Morning Musume AKB48... Aisuru Oshiegotachi no Seichou Monogatari (ダンスの力 モーニング娘。AKB48…愛する教え子たちの成長物語; The Power of Dance: Morning Musume and AKB48... Story of Growing to Love Students)
  • [2014.06.08] Ace to Yobareru Hito wa Nani wo Shiteiru no ka (エースと呼ばれる人は何をしているのか; What Does an "Ace" Do?)
  • [2016.04.18] Yume wa, Tsuyoku Omotta Hito Kara Kanaereru (夢は、強く思った人からかなえられる; A Dream Can be Fulfilled by a Person Who Thinks Strongly)


  • [2013.5.25] FUN-KEY DANCING DIET


  • She is a former dance teacher at the UP-FRONT MUSIC SCHOOL.[1]
  • She said in 2014 that her #1 idol that she has ever worked with is Goto Maki.[2]
  • Her non-Hello! Project choreography credits include:
    • "Sakura no Hanabiratachi", AKB48's debut single, as well as their next seven singles.
    • "Ashita wa Ashita no Kimi ga Umareru" by Chocolove from AKB48 (an AKB48 sub-unit)
    • "Tokyo Midnight Loneliness" by Sonim
    • "Ginza-atari de gin! Gin! Gin!" by Ken♀♂Ken
    • "Ai just on my love" by Sharam Q
    • "Rhythm to Rule" by Ryoko Shinohara
    • "BREAK ALL DAY!", "Megami no Mai", "VACATION" by Mizuki Alisa
    • "Ulalakani" by Kogamelon
    • "Nakkata Koto Nishite" by Haratake Hitomi with HYPER GO GO
    • "GOOD DAYS!" by ZONE
    • "Ikinarism!" and "Otto Totto Natsuda ze!" by EE JUMP
    • "Maji de Koisuru Gobyou Mae" by Umika as Yamako
    • "Are You OK?" by Makihara Noriyuki
    • "Kira▲Kira" by Makoto Tsubasa
    • "Illuminati" by MALICE MIZER


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