NONG! is Osaka Performance Doll's second album, and their last album to feature Inaba Atsuko (not counting their best-of album, released in 2008). The album contains both songs from their sixth single (the A-side remixed), as well as eight new songs. The album failed to chart the Oricon charts.


  1. Rhythm of Life - By F/Unit
  2. Manatsu no Door (#2) - by Inaba Atsuko
  3. Yoake no Sora ni Shiroi Tsuki (夜明けの空に白い月; White Moon in the Dawn Sky) - by Nakano Kumiko
  4. Let’s Dive - by Takeuchi Yukiko
  5. Shiny Days~ALBUM VERSION~ - by Inaba Atsuko, Ueda Miho
  6. NONG! - by Inaba Atsuko, Furutani Ayano
  7. SPACE COW-BOY - by Nakano Kumiko
  8. Sonna Kimi ga * Suki (そんな君が*好き; I * Love You Like That) - by Ueda Miho
  9. Good-bye Heartache - by Shigemoto Naomi, Nakamura Aki
  10. Nami no Oto Dake (波の音だけ; Just the Sound of Waves) - by Furutani Ayano

Featured MembersEdit

  • Furutani Ayano 
  • Ueda Miho 
  • Nakano Kumiko 
  • Inaba Atsuko 
  • Takeuchi Yukiko
  • Shigemoto Naomi
  • Nakamura Aki

Album InformationEdit

Rhythm Of Life

  • Lyrics: Sato Naoko, Sister Monkey U
  • Composition and Arrangement: Makoto Jaztic T.

Manatsu no Door (#2)

  • Lyrics: Sato Alice
  • Composition: Ami Keizo
  • Arrangement: Happo

Yoake no Sora ni Shiroi Tsuki

  • Lyrics: Kudo Junko
  • Composition and Arrangement: Sakurai Tetsutaro

Let's Dive

  • Lyrics: Saeki Kenzo
  • Composition and Arrangement: Sakurai Tetsutaro

Shiny Days~Album Version~

  • Lyrics: Sato Alice
  • Composition: Face 2 fAKE
  • Arrangement: Achilles Damigos*


  • Composition: Sakurai Tetsutaro
  • Arrangement: Sakurai Tetsutaro, Osada Sadao

Space Cow-Boy

  • Lyrics: Saeki Kenzo
  • Composition and Arrangement: Sakurai Tetsutaro

Sonna Kimi ga * Suki

  • Lyrics: Kenzo Saeki
  • Composition and Arrangement: Happo

Good-bye Heartache

  • Lyrics: Sato Alice
  • Composition and Arrangement: Kaneda Ichiro

Namida no Oto Dake

  • Lyrics: Kudo Junko
  • Composition: Kaneda Ichiro
  • Arrangement: Sakurai Tetsutaro


  • Shigemoto Naomi and Nakamura Aki aren't featured on the cover. They were promoted after Inaba and Furutani withdrew in March 1996, and are featured on the group's final single and album, released in the summer of 1996.Inaba stayed with the office and released a solo single in the fall of 1996 before her contract expired.
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