Mangetsu no Yoru Dakara
from the album d-Culture
Native title 満月の夜だから
Released November 1, 1993
Genre J-Pop
Format CD
Label Cha-Dance (ESDB-3428)
Singles Chronology
Next Koi ga Mabushikute
Mangetsu no Yoru Dakara (満月の夜だから; Because It Is A Night With A Full Moon) is Osaka Performance Doll’s debut single. The title track was used as a theme song for the Karaoke Maker’s Joy Sound commercials. The single reached #57 on the weekly Oricon charts and charted for two weeks.

Both tracks can be found as remixed versions on d-Culture, and on the best-of album ALL SONGS COLLECTION.


  1. Mangetsu no Yoru Dakara
  2. Umareta Machi no Fence wo Koete (生まれた街のフェンスを越えて; Get Over the Fence Around the Town Where You Were Born)
  3. Mangetsu no Yoru Dakara (Instrumental)

Featured MembersEdit

  • Furutani Ayano 
  • Ueda Miho 
  • Nakano Kumiko 
  • Inaba Atsuko 
  • Takeuchi Yukiko

Single Information Edit

Mangetsu no Yoru Dakara

  • Lyrics: Mori Yukinojo
  • Composition: Ozeki Masaya
  • Arrangement: Thousand sketcheS

Umareta Machi no Fence wo Koete

  • Lyrics: Maeda Takahiro
  • Composition: Happo
  • Arrangement: Sato Go

Concert Performances Edit

Mangetsu no Yoru Dakara

Umareta Machi no Fence wo Koete

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