Okubo Masao (大久保雅夫), simply known as MASAO, is a Japanese choreographer and dancer who worked for Hello! Project, mainly in charge of ℃-ute.

MASAO is the founder of the dance company MO-BLOW. He is a choreographer and concert stage director for other artists such as w-inds., Tachibana Keita, Koda Kumi, and Super Junior. He is also a hip hop instructor at DANCE WORKS.[1]


MASAO attended Asia University of Japan's School of Law. He and his colleagues would meet up to dance and formed a circle called M.D.CREW. During the summer vacation of his second year, he went on a tour as a back dancer, and while studying he would do dance work such as performing in several artists' PVs. Afterwards, he formed the NEO M.D.CREW with members he did not know from university.[1]

When he graduated, he told his parents—in dogeza position—that he wanted to continue dancing. For about two years, MASAO worked at a courier service and attended lessons or events in the evenings, before leaving for New York with the money he had saved up. When he came back to Japan, his work as a dancer increased and he quit his part-time job.[1]

Around 2000, MASAO began receiving more offers for choreography work. He started only doing stage positioning, but eventually worked his way up to handling the overall production of many live performances at a time.[1]

On January 4, 2013, he established the dance company MO-BLOW for the purpose of producing live performances (theater, concerts, etc.), choreographing, and casting and training dancers.[2][1]

He was the main choreographer for ℃-ute from 2015 up to June 2017, when they disbanded. He was often assisted by colleagues SHIHO[3] and AUCHI.[4]

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