Lady Boy is Osaka Performance Doll’s fourth single, and is a collaboration single with Koji Imada and Koji Higashino. The title track was used as the first ending theme for the Japanese broadcast of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.


  1. Lady Boy
  2. So BLUE So Funny
  3. Lady Boy (Karaoke)

Featured MembersEdit

  • Takeuchi Yukiko
  • Inaba Atsuko
  • Nakano Kumiko 
  • Ueda Miho
  • Furutani Ayano

Single InformationEdit

Lady Boy

  • Lyrics: Shimatake Jissaku
  • Composition: Goto Tsugutoshi
  • Arrangement: Sugawara Hiroaki, Goto Tsugutoshi, Tahara Otohiko

So BLUE So Funny

  • Music: Goto Tsugutoshi
  • Arrangement: Tahara Otohiko

Trivia Edit

  • So BLUE So Funny is credited to OPD & RHYMESTER. RHYMESTER (ライムスター) is a Japanese hip-hop group. One of Japans pioneering HipHop groups, RHYMESTER began their career as underground artist in 1993 under the label FILE RECORDS with the album Ore ni Iwaserya. They are also part of the FUNKY mGRAMMAR UNIT.
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