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Girls Beat!! Audition Chronology

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Girls Beat!! no Member wo Tsuika Boshu Shimasu! (ガールズビート!!のメンバーを追加募集します!) is a 2014 audition in search for new members to join Girls Beat!!.

Audition RequirementsEdit

  • Female; 13-21 years of age
  • Must not be under contract with any agency/production.
  • Must live in Tokyo, or be able to commute to Tokyo.

First Round AuditionsEdit

First RoundEdit

The application deadline was originally set for October 31, 2014. Following an arrest warrant being issued for Kago's husband on October 24, it was announced on October 28 that the audition and all group activities has been put on hold.


  • The public will be allowed to vote for which girl they want to pass the audition.

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