Origin Tokyo, Japan
Genre J-Pop
Years Active 2014
Associated Acts Kobayashi Azusa
Members Yura

AISHING FAIRY is a former Japanese idol unit produced by former Hello! Project member Kobayashi Azusa. They were formed by seltzermusic on June 8, 2014, and consisted of Yura (or Yuririn)), Arika (or Aachan), and Kanakana.

They made their debut performing at Shinjuku RUIDO K4 as a two-member unit with Arika and Kanakana. Yura joined the group on July 25th for their performance at Shibuya JPOPCAFE. They performed regularly at this venue.

In August, they opened their official blog which was active until they disbanded.

In September, Arika suspended her activities for the month due to family circumstances, and returned to the group in October.[1] On September 14th, Kanakana held her first solo live at Shibuya Milkyway.[2] She performed solo activities at the same time as being part of the unit.[3]

Their performance at Shibuya J-Pop Cafe on the 26th was cancelled as Kanakana's physical condition was no good and she had to go to the hospital.[4][5] The unit was on hiatus until October 2nd, when Kanakana announced she had had to get a cure for hand-foot-and-mouth-disease. At their live performance at OA the following day, Yura and Arika was absent, with only Kanakana attending.[6]

On November 19, 2014 AISHING FAIRY suspended their activities. Previously, Yuririn had been in an accident[7] and decided to leave the group as she didn’t know how long her recovery would take. Arika also left the group, leaving Kanakana as the sole remaining member.


Members at Time of DisbandmentEdit

  • Kanakana (かなかな)

Former MembersEdit

  • Yura (ゆら) (Leader) (left November 19, 2014)
  • Arika (愛梨花), born August 24, 1994[8][9](left November 19, 2014)


  • [2014.09.18] Ueno BRASH
  • [2014.09.06] Shibutaniku de Ootaku?! at Shibuya J-pop Cafe
  • [2014.08.15] Shibuya Ruido K2
  • [2014.08.07] Ikebukuro Dot
  • [2014.08.03] Shibuya VUENOS / Glad / LOUNGE NEO
  • [2014.07.07.] Ikebukuro KINGSX TOKYO


  • Kobayashi named the group after the English word "icing" (on a cake).
  • After leaving AISHING FAIRY, Yura started the girl duo Lunasophila and is still working as an idol,[10] while Kanakana worked as a maid idol for a short while.[11]


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