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Shushoku=GOHAN no Uta (主食=GOHANの唄; Staple Food = Cooked Rice Song) is the third single released by THE Possible. The title track was used as theme song for the TV show Gohan Museum. The single V reached #101 on the Oricon DVD charts, and charted for 2 weeks selling 2,249 copies total.



THE ポッシボー『主食 = GOHANの唄』

Shushoku=GOHAN no Uta (MV)


  1. Shushoku=GOHAN no Uta
  2. Soyokaze no Kuchizuke (そよ風のくちづけ; The Breeze's Kiss) - Candies cover
  3. Shushoku=GOHAN no Uta (instrumental)
  4. Soyokaze no Kuchizuke (instrumental)

Single V DVD[]

  1. Shushoku=GOHAN no Uta
  2. Soyokaze no Kuchizuke (PHOTO & MUSIC SHOW)
  3. Shushoku=GOHAN no Uta (Making of) (メイキング映像)
  4. Shushoku=GOHAN no Uta (With Lyrics) (歌詞あり)

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Single Information[]

Shushoku=GOHAN no Uta
Soyokaze no Kuchizuke
  • Lyrics: Yamagami Michio
  • Composition: Morita Koichi

Oricon Chart Positions[]


Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Week Rank Sales
- - - - - - 13 65 1,750
- - - - - - - 195 456

Total Reported Sales: 2,206

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