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Shiteki Raisan (私的礼讃; Private Praise) is Wada Ayaka's debut digital album. It was released on November 23, 2021 through iTunes, Recochoku, mora, and various other music streaming services.

On October 30, 2021, the titular track, "Shiteki Raisan", was digitally pre-released for various music streaming services.[1] On November 6, 2021, "mama" was also digitally pre-released.[2]



【和田彩花】 Une idole 【MUSIC VIDEO】


Wada Ayaka - Hot latte 【MV】


Wada Ayaka - Pattern (Promotion Live Edit)


For me and you(Promotion live edit.)【和田彩花】

  1. Epilogue (エピローグ)
  2. Sora wo Saegiru Shuto Kousoku (空を遮る首都高速; The Shuto Expressway Which Blocks the Sky)
  3. mama
  4. Menomaede Konoha ga Ochita (目の前で木の葉が落ちた; The Leaves Fell Before My Eyes)
  5. Statice (スターチス)
  6. Yurikago (ゆりかご; Cradle)
  7. #15
  8. Kodawari no Kurenai (こだわりの紅; Discerning Crimson)
  9. Une idole
  10. Miyashita Park (みやしたぱーく)
  11. Hot Latte (ホットラテ)
  12. For me and you
  13. Kami wo Mekuru (紙をめくる; Turn the Page)
  14. Shiteki Raisan (私的礼讃; Private Praise)
  15. Pattern (パターン)

Album Information[]

All lyrics: Wada Ayaka

  • Composition: Narahara Eisuke
  • Arrangement: Narahara Eisuke and Omnibus
Sora wo Saegiru Shuto Kousoku
  • Composition: Okuwaki Tatsuya
  • Arrangement: goldholics
  • Composition and Arrangement: Kawasaki Ryuichi
  • Composition and Arrangement: goldholics
  • Composition: DJ Jell-o
  • Arrangement: DJ Jell-o and goldholics
  • Composition: DJ Jell-o
  • Arrangement: Omnibus
Une idole
  • Composition: Nobusawa Nobuaki
  • Arrangement: goldholics
Miyashita Park
  • Composition: Narahara Eisuke
  • Arrangement: Narahara Eisuke and Omnibus
Hot Latte
  • Composition and Arrangement: Kawasaki Ryuichi
For me and you
  • Composition: DJ Jell-o
  • Arrangement: goldholics
Shiteki Raisan
  • Lyrics: Wada Ayaka
  • Composition: DJ Jell-o
  • Drums: U
  • Bass: Tsurugi Mikito
  • Guitar: Ohtake Kohhan
  • Keyboard: Narahara Eisuke
  • Sax: Hara Natsuko
  • Composition: Okuwaki Tatsuya
  • Arrangement: goldholics and Omnibus


Omnibus is a collection of musicians who have supported Wada throughout her career, both professionally and as fans.[3]

  • Tsurugi Mikito (Bass, from Arakajime Kimerareta Koibitotachi he)
  • Ohtake Kohhan (Guitar, from Arakajime Kimerareta Koibitotachi he, LAGITAGIDA etc.)
  • Narahara Eisuke (Violin, Keyboard, from VOLA & THE ORIENTAL MACHINE)
  • U (Drums, solo artist, Supporting Members like Koresawa)
  • Hara Natsuko (Sax, Flute, known for activities with artists like Orisaka Yuta and LARNERS)


  • The tracks "Une idole" and "Hot Latte" have music videos that were previously released on her YouTube channel.
  • Wada noticed that her relationship to her mother has changed with age. She's also seen her friends became mothers. The track "mama" was written to capture the ways in which her perception of motherhood has evolved over time.[4]
  • Bassist Tsurugi Mikito is the same Hello! Project fan whose life was depicted in the film Ano Koro.
  • "Statice" is another name for the Limonium sinuatum plant, also sometimes called Sea Lavender in English. In hanakotoba, Japanese flower language, the Statice represents a heart that cannot be changed. It is commonly used to express remembrance.
  • A Zine dubbed a "lyric sheet" was distributed at the release event for this album. Wada selected all of the elements of the zine, from the images used to the paper it was printed upon.[5]
  • Narahara Eisuke published liner notes for Miyashita Park on his social media account. He noted that he wanted to provide a more up-tempo song, since there weren't many at the time he was brought on to the album. He wanted to write a song that could bridge Hello! Project fans into Wada's indie sound. His image of Hello! Project music led him to consider genres that could encorporate disco funk with the signature 16 beat rhythm. After choosing Acid Jazz, he looked to inspiration from the soundtracks of Cowboy Bebop, Ghost in the Shell, and video game series Megami Tensei and Persona. The shift into the chorus was inspired by songs like Morning Musume's Ren'ai Hunter and the Red Hot Chili Peppers' Right on Time. The working title was Acid Jazz Yuu (アシッドジャズ雄).[6]
  • The working title of Epilogue was Yume no Naka wa Konton (夢の中は混沌, Inside a Dream is Chaos).[7]

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