Shin Bishoujo Nikki
Shin Bishoujo Nikki PART 1


VHS Part 1
Fujimoto Miki, Inaba Atsuko, Heike Michiyo, Ishii Rika Television Drama
Native title 美・少女日記
Run Dates October 2001 - December 2001
Insert Songs Aenai Nagai Nichiyoubi
Let's Do Daihakken!
Other Covers
Shin Bishoujo Nikki PART 2
VHS Part 2

Shin Bishoujo Nikki (新・美少女日記; New Beatuy Girl Diary) is a Japanese drama starring Fujimoto Miki. The drama aired on TV Tokyo from October to December 2001.


Fujimoto plays the main character who suffers from the bullying of her mother-in-law in a home drama depicting the casual everyday life of a beautiful girl. What is the real intention of the mother-in-law revealed in the final story ...

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VHS Edit

  • [2002] Shin Bishoujo Nikki Part 1 (新・美少女日記 PART 1)
  • [2002] Shin Bishoujo Nikki Part 2 (新・美少女日記 PART 2)

Trivia Edit

  • Fujimoto and Ishii starred in the drama before making their CD debut.
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