Shibata Ayumi (柴田あゆみ) is a Japanese singer and actress. She is a former member of Melon Kinenbi, Tanpopo, and Gatas Brilhantes H.P.. She had been an active member of Hello! Project since 1999, participating in Hello! Project's many shuffle groups, concerts, and special events.

She graduated from Hello! Project with the rest of the Elder Club in 2009, then leaving Melon Kinenbi as they disbanded in 2010. She embarked on a solo career, which was put on hiatus in 2016 when she announced her pregnancy.

History[edit | edit source]

Shibata Ayumi, March 2012

Shibata Ayumi, November 2011

Shibata Ayumi

Shibata Ayumi

Shibata Ayumi

Shibata Ayumi

Shibata Ayumi

Shibata Ayumi 806.jpg

Shibata Ayumi

Shibata Ayumi

Shibata Ayumi in Gatas Brilhantes H.P.

Shibata Ayumi, September 2002

1999[edit | edit source]

Shibata passed the second Morning Musume & Michiyo Heike Imoutobun Audition, out of about 4,000 total people to audition. The final four: Saito Hitomi, Murata Megumi, Otani Masae and Shibata were chosen to form a new Hello! Project group, called Melon Kinenbi. She made her debut with Melon Kinenbi with them in 2000.

2002[edit | edit source]

She joined Tanpopo in 2002 along with Konno Asami and Niigaki Risa as the third generation. The group went into an indefinite hiatus after releasing one single. She and Konno Asami would later join Gatas Brilhantes H.P. in 2003.

2007[edit | edit source]

From June 9 to 17, Shibata appeared in the stage play Tokyo alongside Maeda Yuki.[1]

From October 3 to 11, she appeared in the stage play Heisei Revolution ~Back to the Byakkotai~ alongside Yoshizawa Hitomi, Satoda Mai, Inaba Atsuko, Korenaga Miki, and Fukuda Kanon.[2]

2008[edit | edit source]

From June 18 to 22, Shibata participated in the Adult Barley Tea stage play Nemurenaito 2008.[3]

From December 4 to 7, she appeared in the stage play Lemon Star alongside Yasuda Kei.[4]

2009[edit | edit source]

On March 31, Shibata and the other Melon Kinenbi members graduated from Hello! Project with the rest of the Elder Club.

From April 23 to May 2, she appeared in the stage play Mikoto Mannequin alongside Yasuda Kei, Noto Arisa, and Miyoshi Erika.[5]

From August 5 to 9, she appeared in the stage play Sukoshi Hanarete, Soko ni Ite alongside fellow Melon Kinenbi member Otani Masae.[6]

2010[edit | edit source]

On April 28, she announced that she was going to retire from the Gatas Brilhantes H.P. futsal team on May 10. It was just announced with a video from UP-FRONT AGENCY’s YouTube account as well as the Gatas Brillhantes H.P. site.[7]

On May 3, Melon Kinenbi disbanded. She said she would be aiming on soloist activities and soon after opened up a Twitter account on May 5.

On July 14, it was announced on the UP-FRONT AGENCY website that Shibata left the agency and joined another named TRICK FUNCTION where she would be a solo singer.[8] Not long after joining the new agency she opened a blog.

On November 21, Shibata teamed up with another Melon Kinenbi member, Otani Masae, to make the mail order only photobook, YOU&I. The book contains original songs made by Shibata herself, and even came packaged with a CD recording of "YOU&I." An event was held at Tokyo Shibuya's duo music exchange. Though the event was restricted to purchasers of her new photobook YOU&I, roughly 1,000 people attended the three performances. It had been six months since her last fan meeting as part of Melon Kinenbi, and there weren't enough seats for everyone, resulting in a venue packed full of people. Shibata performed her new song "YOU&I" (featuring self-written lyrics) for the first time at this event. Passing questionnaires out into the audience, she engaged the fans in an interactive talk and shared stories from her photobook shoot while a making video, prepared in advance for the event, played in the background.

"In the past two weeks, I've been constantly thinking about today. Like if anyone would come, or if I'd just be performing on an empty stage, and to be honest, I was feeling insecure wondering how many people would come to see me," she confessed. However, she went on, "I'm really glad I don't have to worry about that anymore. From now on I'll be positive and do my best, so everyone, please keep supporting me!"

Also announced at the event was the start of her new fan club, the official site for which will sell goods such as her photobooks, cell phone straps, posters, etc., as well as her own jewelry line "Lacoluce" planned to begin production in 2011. She will primarily be designing rings and necklaces for the brand.

2011[edit | edit source]

In the spring of 2011, Shibata’s solo debut mini-album (both a regular and limited edition w/DVD) were scheduled for release in July. Some cd stores announced the title as "ALL", others as "Natural." The track list was announced to contain the songs "Believe", "Genki", "Love Me More", "Himawari", "Omoide no Yukue" and "You & I" + more tracks.

In June, the same sites announced that the release would be postponed, and later in August that it was cancelled. All the songs mentioned were later released on different CDs.

2013[edit | edit source]

On May 31, Shibata's contract with TRICK FUNCTION expired.

On November 18, it was announced that Shibata will resume her activities in a new agency, SMC Entertainment, using the name "Shibata Ayumi" for her activities in entertainment, but she will start to use "ayumi shibata" for her activities as an artist.[9]

On November 20, it was announced that her first rock cover album kick start will be released on February 19, 2014.

In November one track was revealed to be Return to Myself, and in December four tracks were revealed (on cdjapan): 男 (Otoko), 今すぐ Kiss Me (Ima Sugu Kiss Me), 天使の休息 (Tenshin no Kyuusoku) and BREAK OUT. The full track list and cover was revealed on December 25th on her official site.

It was also announced that on February 22, Shibata would hold a solo live entitled "ayumi shibata live 2014~kick start ~ B.D SPECIAL."

2016[edit | edit source]

On January 26, Shibata announced that she had married Minami Masaki, a professional baseball player for the Chiba Lotte Marines. With this announcement, it was also stated that she would be suspending activities following the conclusion of a live event on March 4.[10]

On December 11, Shibata gave birth to her first daughter.[11]

Profile[edit | edit source]

  • Hobbies: Watching DVDs, reading magazines, playing with dog, shopping
  • Favorite colors: Black, white, pink, red
  • Favorite flowers: Tulips
  • Favorite seasons: Autumn, spring
  • Favorite movies: Romeo & Juliet, Crossroads
  • Favorite words: Walk, love, smile, thank you, natural
  • Favorite food: Beef tongue, pasta, sweet shrimp, curry rice, spicy foods, mandarins
  • Disliked food: Raw tomatoes, raw capsicum, avocado, pickles

Discography[edit | edit source]

Discography Featured In[edit | edit source]

Works[edit | edit source]

DVD[edit | edit source]

Television[edit | edit source]

  • [2001.07.31-2001.10.02] Cyborg Shibata
  • [2004.04.17-2004.05.19] Media Mita Mon Kachi! Zelma (メディア見たもん勝ち!ゼルマ)
  • [2004.05.07-2004.05.13] Futarioto (二人ゴト)
  • [2004.07.05-2004.07.13] Futarigoto (二人ゴト)
  • [2004.16.11-2004.05.22] Majokko. Rika-chan Magical Biyuuden (魔女っ娘。 梨華ちゃんのマジカル美勇伝 )
  • [2005.18.08-2006.29.09] Musume Dokyu! (娘DOKYU!)

Radio[edit | edit source]

  • [2002.04.01-2004.25.03] Shibata Ayumi no Kibun wa Melon Melon (柴田あゆみの気分はメロンメロン)
  • [2002.24.09-2003.23.09] Tanpopo Henshuu-bu OH-SO-RO! (タンポポ編集部 OH-SO-RO!)
  • [2004-2006] MBS Young Town Saturday (MBS ヤングタウン土曜日)gular
  • [2005.27.06-2008.14.05] TBC FUN Moretsumodasshu etc. I Rerelease Fu (TBC FUNふぃーるど・モーレツモーダッシュ) {off and on again}

Internet[edit | edit source]

  • [2005.02.08-2005.18.03] Dai 2kai, Dai 20kai Hello! Project Video Chat (第2回、第20回ハロプロビデオチャット)

Events[edit | edit source]

  • [2005] Hello! Projects only event FC

Theater[edit | edit source]

  • [2006.05.23-2006.05.29] Shuuchakueki (終着駅; Terminal Station)
  • [2007] Tokyo (東京)
  • [2007] Heisei Revolution ~Back to the Byakkotai~ (平成レボリューション 〜バックトゥザ・白虎隊〜)
  • [2008] Nemurenaito 2008 (ネムレナイト2008)
  • [2008] Lemon Star (レモンスター)
  • [2009] Mikoto Mannequin (ミコトマネキン)
  • [2009] Sukoshi Hanarete, Soko ni Ite (すこし離れて、そこに居て)
  • [2014] DAY IN A SUN ~Tsuitachi Dake Hi no Me wo Miru-bi~ (DAY IN A SUN~一日だけ日の目を見る日~)

Publications[edit | edit source]

Photobooks[edit | edit source]

AyumiAyumi2 302.jpg

  • [2002.06.??] Ayumi (あゆみ)
  • [2003.09.17] ayumi2
  • [2010.11.21] You&I

Group[edit | edit source]

  • Melon Kinenbi Photo Album - Taiyō to Kajitsu
  • [2004] Melon Kinenbi in Hello! Project 2004 Summer
  • [2005] Hello! Project Town! Hello! Project 2005 Summer

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • She became close friends with Ishikawa Rika, not too long after her debut.
  • She graduated from Kita Toshima High School.
  • In Melon Kinenbi, she was known as the "responsible", cool natural, laid back one.
  • In Gatas Brilhantes H.P., she was often placed as the kicker and was also put as defense.
  • Says her charm and most characteristic points are her teeth and eyes.

Honorary Titles[edit | edit source]

Honorary Titles

Preceded by

Youngest Member of Melon Kinenbi

Succeeded by

Preceded by
Iida Kaori

Oldest Member of Tanpopo

Succeeded by
Kamei Eri

References[edit | edit source]

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