Shiawase no Arika wa Dochira Desu ka / Watashi Kakumei (幸せのありかはどちらですか/わたし革命; Which Way to the Place of Happiness? / My Revolution) is College Cosmos' second single. It was released on October 9, 2019 in six editions: one regular and five limited.[1][2] The first press of Limited Editions A through D came with a random trading card of 6 or 5 kinds depending on the jacket (21 in total),[N1] which was also a handshake event participation ticket.

This is the last single to feature all of the 21 group members, 11 of whom graduated from College Cosmos on October 31, 2019: nine recent university graduates,[3] Yamaki Risa,[4] and Wakita Rina.[5] It also became the last single for 4 of the remaining 10 members: Nakajima Nana,[6] Tsushima Haruka, Matsuoka Motoka,[7] and Matsui Mari.[8] On May 15, 2020, the group suspended activities and the remaining members all graduated from the group.[9]


College Cosmos - Shiawase no Arika wa Dochira Desu ka (MV)

College Cosmos - Shiawase no Arika wa Dochira Desu ka (MV)

College Cosmos - Watashi Kakumei (MV)

College Cosmos - Watashi Kakumei (MV)


  1. Shiawase no Arika wa Dochira Desu ka
  2. Watashi Kakumei
  3. Shiawase no Arika wa Dochira Desu ka (Instrumental)
  4. Watashi Kakumei (Instrumental)

Limited Edition SP DVDEdit

  1. Shiawase no Arika wa Dochira Desu ka (Music Video)
  2. Watashi Kakumei (Music Video)

Featured MembersEdit


College Cosmos promoting "Shiawase no Arika wa Dochira Desu ka"

  • Yamaki Risa (last single)[4]
  • Matsui Mari (last single)[8]
  • Akizuki Kana (last single)[9]
  • Suga Marin (last single)[9]
  • Wakita Rina (last single)[5]
  • Ito Mai (last single)[3]
  • Tsushima Haruka (last single)[7]
  • Ito Ayaka (last single)[9]
  • Yukishima Momoha (last single)[9]
  • Gunji Nao (last single)[9]
  • Aya (last single)[3]
  • Hiraga Sakino (last single)[3]
  • Sakamoto Misaki (last single)[3]
  • Watanabe Marin (last single)[3]
  • Fukusawa Kyoka (last single)[3]
  • Matsuoka Motoka (last single)[7]
  • Niinomi Rina (last single)[3]
  • Okamoto Mayuko (last single)[3]
  • Aono Natsuki (last single)[3]
  • Natsuki (last single)[9]
  • Nakajima Nana (last single)[6]

Single InformationEdit

Shiawase no Arika wa Dochira Desu ka
Watashi Kakumei
  • Lyrics: Nishino Konnyaku
  • Composition, Arrangement, Keyboards, and Programming: Tokisawa Nao
  • Guitars: Yamazaki Jun
  • Bass: TABOKUN
  • Chorus: M!ho

Concert PerformancesEdit

Shiawase no Arika wa Dochira Desu ka

Chart PositionsEdit

Oricon Chart PositionsEdit

Daily & Weekly Rankings
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Week Rank Sales
- 9 10 11 - - - 11 7,289

Total reported sales: 7,289

Billboard Japan Top Single SalesEdit

Week Rank Sales Ref
12 7,556 [10]

Total reported sales: 7,556

Recochoku Music Video RankingsEdit

Song Daily Rank Weekly Rank Monthly Rank
Shiawase no Arika wa Dochira Desu ka 13 31 N/A
Watashi Kakumei 6 18 76


  • The Limited Edition B and C covers both list the members in their official order from left to right in rows going down.
  • Yamaki Risa mentioned that the stage outfit for "Shiawase no Arika wa Dochira Desu ka" is one of her personal favorites.[11]


  1. ^ Trading cards are distributed in the following limited editions:[12]
    • Limited Edition A contains 1 of 6 trading cards for the A Team: Yamaki Risa, Yukishima Momoha, Aya, Hiraga Sakino, Matsuoka Motoka, Niinomi Rina.
    • Limited Edition B contains 1 of 5 trading cards for the B Team: Matsui Mari, Ito Ayaka, Watanabe Marin, Fukusawa Kyoka, Okamoto Mayuko.
    • Limited Edition C contains 1 of 5 trading cards for the C Team: Akizuki Kana, Suga Marin, Ito Mai, Tsushima Haruka, Sakamoto Misaki.
    • Limited Edition D contains 1 of 5 trading cards for the D Team: Wakita Rina, Gunji Nao, Aono Natsuki, Natsuki, Nakajima Nana.


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