Sharam Q Josei Rock Vocalist Audition (シャ乱Q女性ロックボーカリストオーディション; Sharam Q Female Rock Vocalist Audition) was an audition airing on the TV show ASAYAN from April to August 1997, featuring the band Sharam Q looking for a female vocalist for their band.

Audition DetailsEdit

Auditions took place in Fukuoka, Tokyo, Osaka and Sapporo. Kouguchi Azusa, Aoki Akiko, Nakatomi Kazumi and Matsumoto Yumie passed the Fukuoka auditions, Fukuda Asuka, Kawamura Risa and Kabutomori Masayo passed the Tokyo auditions, Nakazawa Yuko and Heike Michiyo passed the Osaka auditions, and Iida KaoriIshiguro Aya and Abe Natsumi passed the Sapporo auditions.

The 11 finalists trained singing and dancing at a camp (temple), as well as having to learn an original song. The camp was made for the purpose of determining human nature, done in the form of a shared life at a temple.

The Sharan Q audition, which was attended by 9,900 people in Fukuoka, Tokyo, Osaka and Sapporo, is finally packed! There are more fierce battles from 11 keep groups. The Survival training camp menu was set as[1]:

  • Wake up at 5am
  • Morning maid
  • Cleaning the main hall
  • Evening maid
  • 7 o'clock meditation
  • 10pm off
  • Morning dance lesson
  • Afternoon Boytre
  • 4 days self-catering
  • No drinking or smoking
  • No night out

They were also interviewed one on one by Tsunku. Heike Michiyo was announced as the winner (despite forgetting the lyrics).

Audition ProcessEdit

1st Round Edit

Auditions were held in four cities (Fukuoka, Tokyo, Osaka and Sapporo), with 9900 people auditioning.[2]

  • Fukuoka Audition (Out of about 1,000 people, 11 people passed)
  • Tokyo Audition (Out of about 5,000 people, 19 people passed) 
    •  Fukuda sings "BREAK OUT!" by Aikawa Nanase 
  • Osaka Audition (Out of about 3,000 people, 14 people passed) 
    •  Heike sings "Anytime smokin' Cigarette" by globe 
    •  Nakazawa sings "La.La.La" by Ohguro Maki 
  • Sapporo Audition (Out of about 1,000 people, 8 people passed) 
    • Ishiguro sings "Please come if you have a complaint!" by RieScrAmble 
    • Iida sings "STEADY" by SPEED 
    • Abe sings "FACE" by globe 

2nd Round Edit

52 people advanced to the 2nd round. They had to sing on stage before an audience. Sharam Q reviewed the girls performance and personalities on VTR.

  • Fukuoka Audition (3 people passing)
  • Tokyo Audition (3 people passing) 
    •  Fukuda sings "Body Feel Exit" by Amuro Namie   
  • Osaka Audition (2 people passing)
    •  Heike sings "Anytime smokin 'cigarette" by globe 
    • Nakazawa sings "La.La.La" by Ohguro Maki   
  • Sapporo Audition (3 people passing) 
    •  Ishiguro sings "Blue Velvet" by Kido Shizuka 
    •  Iida sings "Sweet Emotion" by Aikawa Nanase 
    •  Abe sings "FACE" by globe 

After Ordering

  • Abe advances to final examination without ordering (immediate final).
  • Fukuda sings "Gekijou" by Kudo Shizuka 
  • Heike sings "Monku ga Aru Nara Kinasai!" by RieScrAmble 
  • Nakazawa sings "Mecha Kucha ni Naite Siimaitai" by Kudo Shizuka 
  • Ishiguro sings "Hidamari no Uta" by Le Couple 
  • Iida sings "Ashita, Haru ga Kitara" by Matsu Takako 

3rd round Edit

11 people advanced to the final stage. They went through a temple training camp, and singing examination of preliminary song GET.

Final stage Edit

The 11 people who went trhough training camp and song examination, had to sing the song on stage with audience at ASAYAN, followed by a general review by Sharan Q. Each one sings "GET" then speak to Tsunku. Afterwards they watch a video of Sharan Q deciding the winner.

Finalists Edit

  1. Aoki Akiko (青木明子, 26) [Wife of 5 months]
  2. Matsumoto Yumie (松本弓枝, 20)
  3. Kouguchi Azusa (高口梓18)
  4. Kawamura Risa (河村理沙, 16)
  5. Kabutomori Masayo  (兜森雅代, 19)
  6. Fukuda Asuka (福田明日香, 12)
  7. Nakazawa Yuko (中澤裕子, 24)
  8. Heike Michiyo (平家充代, 18)
  9. Iida Kaori (飯田圭織, 15)
  10. Ishiguro Aya (石黒彩, 19)
  11. Abe Natsumi (安倍なつみ, 15)


  • Heike Michiyo was chosen as the winner, despite forgetting the lyrics.
Sharam Q Josei Rock Vocalist Audition (Tokyo Losers)

Kawamura Risa, Kabutomori Masayo

Sharam Q Josei Rock Vocalist Audition (Sapporo Losers)

Aoki Akiko, Matsumoto Yumie, Kouguchi Azusa

Statements from the girls after losingEdit

  • Fukuda: "I've always loved singing since I was little, and I will never get bored even if I sing for hours. (...) I think I can do my favorite music even if I can't sell it
  • Nakazawa: "For now, I want to get out of my life .... I will go on a life adventure from now on" 
  • Abe: "Because there is only ASAYAN, I will audition again. So I can participate again in ASAYAN ..."
  • Iida: "I feel that it is finally over. ...... (to Heike), I am happy (for you)
  • Ishiguro: "Her singing was also good, dance was also good, and Heike-san was better and was recognized (for it)[3]


  • Heike Michiyo never became a part of the band, but was given a solo career instead. Her debut single was the original song sung at the final audition. Five of the losers, Iida Kaori, Ishiguro Aya, Abe Natsumi,Nakazawa Yuko and Fukuda Asuka, were given a chance to debut as a group if their debut single sold over 50.000 copies. They managed to do so in four days and made their debut as Morning Musume.
  • Abe Natsumi's audition number was #1111, Iida Kaori's was #627, and Ishiguro Aya's was #36.
  • Ishiguro Aya had pariticpated in the ASAYAN audition Komu-ro Garçons (ASAYAN Idol Group Audition 96) the previous year. Staff recognized her and was surprised as she had lost 7 kg. No winner was chosen and the project ended. Several participants in this audition was approached afterwards and offered to make their debut as singers. One of them was Kobayashi Yumi; she auditioned for Geinoujin Shin Unit Audition (which spawned Taiyou to Ciscomoon) in 1998 and made it to the final 8.
  • Abe Natsumi's father drove her from Muroran to the audition in Sapporo, which is a three hour drive. Abe sang globe's "FACE", a song she also sang in the Tokyo Studio review. She wanted to sing UA's "When the clouds tears", because she wanted to show individuality instead of singing just another popular song but she couldn't find (or had the time to find) an instrumental so she declined singing it.
  • Kawamura Risa went on to be a Okashi Gravure Idol.
  • Tsunku wanted to start Morning Musume with 10 people, but with 5 people costing 5 million yen a month, it was impossible to do so without knowing whether they'd succeed or not.[4]
  • Iida participated with her friends. she had slept over, but was scolded and didn't get much sleep.


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