Sengoku Minami
Sengoku Minami, October 2017
Nicknames Sengoku (せんごく?)
Sengoku-sensei (仙石先生?)
Miiko (みーこ?)
Birth Info
Born April 30, 1991 (1991-04-30) (age 28)
Origin Miyagi, Japan
Blood Type O
Zodiac Sign Taurus Taurus
Height 149cm
Shoe Size 23cm
Professional Info
Genres J-Pop
Occupation Singer
Years Active 2004-present
Agency UP-FRONT AGENCY (2004-2012)
YU-M Entertainment (2016-)
Label zetima (2007-2012)
UP-FRONT WORKS (2004-2012)
T-Palette Records (2012-)
Associated Acts Hello Pro Kenshuusei, Ongaku Gatas, Gatas Brilhantes H.P., Up Up Girls (Kari), UFZS, Reborn Eleven, T-Palette mini All Stars, Team Makenki (Kari)
Up Up Girls (Kari) Info
Joined March 3, 2011
Member Color       Red
Debut Single Going my ↑
Graduated September 16, 2017
Hello Pro Egg Information
Joined June 2004
Generation 1st Generation
Left December 21, 2010
Blog Ameblo-favicon.png Sengoku Minami Official Blog
Twitter Twitter_2012.svg @373_sengoku
Instagram Instagram_logo_2016.svg @sengoku_minami

Sengoku Minami (仙石みなみ) is a former member of Hello Pro Egg, and the former leader of Up Up Girls (Kari). She is also a member of Ongaku Gatas, and a player for Gatas Brilhantes H.P.


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Sengoku Minami, August 2017

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Sengoku Minami, April 2016

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Sengoku Minami, November 2014


Sengoku Minami, August 2013


Sengoku Minami, April 2013

Artist photo (3)

Sengoku Minami, Late 2012


Sengoku Minami, December 2012


Sengoku Minami, April 2012


Sengoku Minami, March 2010


Sengoku Minami, 2009


Sengoku Minami joined Hello! Project as a member of Hello Pro Egg in June 2004 when she passed the auditions along with thirty-one other girls.


Sengoku was an assistant during the Metro Rabbits H.P. match at Hello! Project SPORTS FESTIVAL 2006.


In 2007, it was announced that Sengoku is one of the members for Ongaku Gatas, a unit that features Gatas Brilhantes H.P. and Hello Pro Egg members. Her first official Ongaku Gatas single, Narihajimeta Koi no BELL, was released on September 12.


In November, Sengoku starred in the stage play Berryz Koubou VS Berryz Koubou as the character Robot Sengoku-chan. The play ran from November 19th through the 23rd.


In August, Sengoku starred in the stage play KURA-POP as the character Hashimoto kurumi. The play ran from August 26th through the 30th.[1]


In May, Sengoku starred in the stage play Tiger Breathing. The play ran from May 7th through the 11th.[2]

In September, Sengoku starred in the stage play Tsubuyaku Girl's. The play ran from September 8th through the 12th.

On December 21, it was anounced that Sengoku completed her training within Hello Pro Egg.[3]


In January, Sengoku appeared as a backup dancer in the PV for Mano Erina's 9th major single "Seishun no Serenade".

On March 3, it was revealed that Sengoku, along with Furukawa Konatsu, Mori Saki, Sato Ayano, Sekine Azusa, and Arai Manami, would be members of a new group called Up-Front Girls.

On March 8, Sengoku became a regular on the TV show Tsunagaru Seven (つながるセブン) as an assistant.

On May 6, Sengoku starred in a documentary film titled Honto ni Atta Kowai Hanashi Vol.19 (ほんとうにあった怖い話 第十九夜).

On May 17, Sengoku Minami and Saho Akari officially joined UFZS, Up-Front Girls (Kari)'s K-Pop cover dance group.

In July, Sengoku starred in the stage play Q - Anata wa Dare?. The play ran from July 13th through the 18th.[4]

In October, it was announced that Sengoku along with fellow Up Up Girls (Kari)' member Mori Saki would form part of the unit Reborn Eleven and participate in the stage play Reborn ~Inochi no Audition~.


On July 20, Sengoku appeared on a commercial for Kappa Sushi with Kikkawa Yuu and Murakami Haruna. This was her first time appearing on a CM.

In July, Sengoku participated in the stage play Junkers Come Here as one of two actresses who'll play Aso Hitomi. It ran from July 3rd through the 7th.

In December, Sengoku won the Sakidol Ace Survival (サキドルエースSurvival) season 2. The contest was organized by Weekly Young Jump (週刊ヤングジャンプ) magazine. [1]


On May 22, Sengoku starred in the TV drama Doctor Bridal (ドクターブライダル) as the character Nagata Takemi.

A 2 part horror movie titled Ada ~ADA~ which featured all the members from Up Up Girls in it, had Sengoku and Sato Ayano taking on the lead roles. The movie was directed by Koji Shiraishi and was released on July 13.

Sengoku had a small role in the movie called Tobidase Shinsengumi!. The movie was published on November 30, 2013.

In October, it was announced that Sengoku would be participating in Young Animal magazine's NEXT Gravure Queen Battle Second Season (NEXTグラビアクイーンバトル セカンドシーズン).

In late November, it was announced that Sengoku would be on the cover of Young Gangan magazine on December 20, 2013.


In early January, Sengoku appeared solo on the cover of the magazine Photo Technic Digital.

On January 23, it was announced by Up Front Link that Sengoku won Young Animal magazine's NEXT Gravure Queen Battle Second Season (NEXTグラビアクイーンバトル セカンドシーズン). [2]

On March 26, it was announced Sengoku would be a regular in the TV show Haraichi no Kami Appli.


From November 10-11, Sengoku appeared in the stage play "Gakuya ~Makenki~" alongside Takahashi Ai and other former Hello! Project members.[5]


On April 28, it was announced that Sengoku would be graduating from Up Up Girls (Kari) alongside Sato Ayano. [6]

Comment by Sengoku Minami
To everyone who always supports us, fights and perspires with us during lives, thank you so much.

I, Sengoku Minami, have decided to graduate from Up Up Girls (Kari). I followed my dream in Up Up Girls (Kari), just facing forward, and challenging without stopping. However, for a while I continued performing with leg and throat injuries, and it always annoyed and tormented me. Without a body that can keep up, I cannot give satisfying performances, so it vexed me and made me cry, and I was afraid to stand in public. Anyway, I love singing and dancing, so with the warm support of the members and all the cheers that came from the heart of the Up Up Girls Family, I have been able to get this far. With such conflicts in my mind, when I heard about the performance of the Nippon Budokan, I once again thought about my future. At this time, I thought of another dream. Before joining the group I wanted to act. Inside me, I always had this love for plays, and wanted to one day expend this passion. So, there was this part in me that was frustrated, and it made me worried. Until now, I always walked on the same road with the 6 other members. They supported me, but from now on, I would like to challenge myself and my dreams. Becoming 26 years old will be a bigger challenge, but I have decided to stand alone. From now on as well, to show to everyone how I will face any kind of challenge, with all my might, I will push myself by facing forward to Up Up Girls! From now on, I will spend all my energy during my remaining months in the group, but, more than this, I want to be with all of you!

Sengoku had her last live as member of Up Up Girls (Kari), on September 15th and graduated from the group on the next day at her graduation ceremony event.


On August 16, it was announced that Sengoku and Kikkawa Yuu were cast in the stage play "Dare ga Tame no Alchemist Butaiban "Hijiriishi no Tsuioku" ~Yami wo Mitsumeru Mono~". The stage play will run from September 26 to 29 in Tokyo.[7]


  • Hobbies: Appreciating Films, Collects chocolate type goods.
  • Special skills: Long-hauls, tongue twisters, body soft, shredded cabbage
  • Favorite food: Chocolate, peach, natto
  • Favorite subjects: physical education, languages
  • Looks up to: Ishikawa Rika

Discography Featured InEdit




  • [2011] Honto ni Atta Kowai Hanashi Vol.19 (ほんとうにあった怖い話 第十九夜) (Documentary Film)
  • [2013] Ada ~ADA~ (讐 ~ADA~)
  • [2013] Tobidase Shinsengumi! (とびだせ新選組!)
  • [2017] JK Ninja Girls (cameo)

TV ProgramsEdit

  • [2011-2012] Tsunagaru Seven (つながるセブン) (as assistant)
  • [2011-2015] Up-Front Girls
  • [2014-] Haraichi no Kami Appli
  • [2014-2017] The Girls Live

TV DramasEdit

  • [2013] Doctor Bridal (ドクターブライダル)


  • [2012] Kappa Sushi (打ち上げ花火)

Music VideosEdit

Select ConcertsEdit

  • [2008.05.25] Hello Pro Egg Delivery Station! 04 (ハロプロエッグデリバリーステーション!04)


  • [2008] Berryz Koubou VS Berryz Koubou (Berryz工房 VS Berryz工房)
  • [2009] KURA-POP (暗ポップ)
  • [2010] Tiger Breathing (タイガーブリージング)
  • [2010] Tsubuyaku Girl's (つぶやくGirl's)
  • [2010] Ima ga Itsuka ni Naru Mae ni (今がいつかになる前に)
  • [2011] Hashagu Chabashira (はしゃぐ茶柱)
  • [2011] Q - Anata wa Dare? (Q ― あなたはだぁれ?)
  • [2011] Shimokita hakoniwa HEARTs (下北箱庭HEARTs)
  • [2011] Reborn ~Inochi no Audition~ (リボーン~命のオーディション~) (as Oda Nobunaga)
  • [2011] Akahana (あかはな)
  • [2012] Junkers Come Here (ユンカース・カム・ヒア)
  • [2015] Gakuya ~Makenki~ (楽屋〜負けん気〜)


Magazine, Sengoku Minami-428862B00HIM7VY6.01.MAIN. SCRM Arug78slSengoku-arms-magazine zps72e17094I5DuUvYlCUE15back-07

  • [2013.12.20] Young Gangan
  • [2014.01.20] Photo technic digital
  • [2014.02.14] Young Animal
  • [2014.03.27] Arms No.311
  • [2014.11.14] Young Animal
  • [2015.06.04] CUE'S


  • Has two younger twin sisters and one older sister.
  • Made her first concert appearance at Dai 1 Kai Hello! Project Shinjin Kouen ~Saru no Koku~ / ~Tori no Koku~.
  • Her Gatas Brilhantes H.P. uniform number is #28.
  • She eats rice and nattou for breakfast.
  • Has a habit of not being able to stop laughing once she starts.
  • Her favorite spot is in her bed.
  • She played as an Add-on member in Berryz工房 VS Berryz工房 (Berryz Koubou VS Berryz Koubou) theater.
  • She writes notes based on her impressions of movies she watches.
  • She is featured in magazines the most out of the Up Up Girls members.
  • She was voted the 1st queen in Weekly Young Jump magazine's Sakidol Ace Survival contest.
  • She was voted Young Animal magazine's Gravure Queen.


Honorary TitlesEdit

Honorary Titles

Preceded by
Hirano Tomomi

Oldest Member of Hello Pro Egg
June 2010 - December 21, 2010

Succeeded by
Furukawa Konatsu

Preceded by

Leader of Up Up Girls (Kari)
March 3, 2011 - September 16, 2017

Succeeded by

Preceded by

Oldest member of Up Up Girls (Kari)
March 3, 2011 - September 16, 2017

Succeeded by
Furukawa Konatsu

Preceded by
Furukawa Konatsu

Oldest member of UFZS
May 17, 2011 - September 16, 2017

Succeeded by
Furukawa Konatsu


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