Sekine Azusa (関根梓) is a Japanese singer and idol. She is currently a member of the idol group Up Up Girls (Kari), and she is also a former member of Hello Pro Egg.



Sekine Azusa, June 2018

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Sekine Azusa, August 2017

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Sekine Azusa, April 2016

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Sekine Azusa, September 2015

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Sekine Azusa, November 2014


Sekine Azusa, April 2013


Sekine Azusa, October 2012


In June, Sekine joined Hello! Project as a member of Hello Pro Egg when she passed the auditions alongside twenty-nine other girls.


In Mano Erina's single Hajimete no Keiken, Sekine was the backup dancer along with 5 other members of Hello Pro Egg.


In Mano Erina's single Haru no Arashi, Sekine was the backup dancer along with 3 other Hello Pro Eggs.


On February 22, a K-Pop cover dance group called UFZS was formed with Sekine, Furukawa Konatsu, Mori Saki, Sato Ayano, and Arai Manami.

On March 3, it was revealed that Sekine, along with Sengoku Minami and the other members of UFZS, will be members of a new group called Up-Front Girls (Kari).

On March 9, it was announced that Sato, Sekine, Arai, and Kitahara Sayaka had completed their training within Hello Pro Egg.[1]


In April, it was announced Sekine would be a regular on the TV show Test no Hanamichi.

On May 5, Sekine and Arai Manami starred in the stage play Shiritsu Guriguri Gakuen (私立グリグリ学園).


Sekine had a small role in a 2 part horror movie titled Ada ~ADA~. The movie was directed by Koji Shiraishi and was released on July 13.


On July 4, it was announced that Sekine would be a part of a group titled @JAM ALLSTARS. The group sang the theme song for @JAM EXPO 2014 and a CD was released for the song.


On April 7, she held the Sekine Azusa Solo LIVE ~Seichou no Iro~ at Hatsudai the DOORS.[2]


  • Favorite Food: Tuna, Apples
  • Least Favorite Foods: Bitter food
  • Specialty: Dancing
  • Dislikes: Running.
  • Looks up to: Niigaki Risa

Discography Featured InEdit



  • [2013.07.13] Ada ~ADA~ (讐 ~ADA~)

TV ProgramsEdit

  • [2011-2015] Up-Front Girls
  • [2012-2016] Test no Hanamichi (テストの花道) (Regular)
  • [2014-2019] The Girls Live

Music VideosEdit


  • [2012.05.05] Shiritsu Guriguri Gakuen (私立グリグリ学園)


Ayano, Akari, Azusa, Manamipng

  • [2012.06.10] Haikei shiryoshu 1 gakko kyoshitsu (Manga x anime kore 1 satsu!) (背景資料集1 学校・教室 (マンガ×アニメ これ1冊!)) (Sato Ayano, Saho Akari, Sekine Azusa, Arai Manami)


  • She and Okada Yui were the first Hello! Project members to be left handed.
  • She eats rice for breakfast.
  • She has a habit of resting her chin in her hands.
  • She is the second youngest member in Up Up Girls (Kari).
  • She cried when Saho Akari was announced to be a new member of Up Up Girls (Kari)[3]

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