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Sato no Akari (さとのあかり) was a SATOYAMA & SATOUMI movement unit, it was announced on March 13, 2014 alongside ODATOMO and Triplet.




On March 13, Sato no Akari was formed as a SATOYAMA & SATOUMI movement unit. The unit officially debuted at the Hinamatsuri festival.

Group's Name[]

Sato no Akari (さとのあかり), usually written as 里の明かり, means "the light of the village". The group's name is played off of each of the member's names. The kanji 里 in Katsuta Rina's given name means "harvest" or "village". On its own, it is read as "Sato", which is also a play on Sato Masaki's surname (even though her surname has a long vowel). The "akari" in the title is based on Uemura Akari's given name. In this situation, it means "light" or "lamp".


DVD Singles[]

  1. [2014.04.23] Aa, Subarashiki Hibi yo / Dream Last Train / Kodachi wo Nukeru Kaze no You ni - with Triplet and ODATOMO


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