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Saito Kana (斎藤夏奈) is a former member of Hello! Project as a Hello Pro Kenshuusei. She was introduced on May 4, 2014 at the Hello Pro Kenshuusei Happyoukai 2014 ~Haru no Koukai Jitsuryoku Shindan Test~ event alongside Aikawa Maho and Takemura Miu.


Saito Kana, May 2014

Saito Kana, September 2010

Early Life[]

Saito Kana was born on August 26, 2001 in Saitama, Japan.


On May 4, 2014, Saito was officially introduced as a member of Hello Pro Kenshuusei alongside Aikawa Maho and Takemura Miu at the Hello Pro Kenshuusei Happyoukai 2014 ~Haru no Koukai Jitsuryoku Shindan Test~ event.

On June 11, 2014, an introduction video of Saito was uploaded to the Hello Pro Kenshuusei YouTube channel.

On April 30, 2015, it was revealed that Saito had ended her training within Hello Pro Kenshuusei.

Personal Life[]

When Saito joined Hello Pro Kenshuusei, she was a first year middle school student.

Saito's given name, "Kana", means summer (夏; ka) combined with a phonetic character (奈; na). It's a feminine Japanese given name and surname.

Here is a list of nicknames that has been used to refer to Saito Kana:

  • Kanappe (かなっぺ): Official nickname, given to her since joining Hello Pro Kenshuusei.


  • Specialty: Tapdancing, impersonations
  • Hobbies: Taking long baths
  • Motto: "Ichinichi Ichizen" (一日一膳; Do a good deed each day.)
  • Favorite Color: Orange
  • Favorite Sport: Skiing
  • Favorite Hello! Project song: Ren'ai Hunter
  • Looks up to: Kudo Haruka

  • Works[]

    TV Programs[]

    • [2006-2007] Nihongo de Asobo (にほんごであそぼ) (as Kana; Regular)
    • [2007] Nakai Masahiro no Kinyoubi no Sumatachi he (中居正広の金曜日のスマたちへ)
    • [2008] Ya-Ya-yah


    • [2008] Bluebell (Front Cover Model)
    • [2010] Canon ios kiss X4 (Model)


    • [2010] Sony Playstation 3
    • [2010] McDonalds Happy Set - Lovelitchi ver.


    • [2008] Toyota Noa

    Music Videos[]

    • [2010] Qinka, with a Yawn - "Sunao ni Nare tara" (素直になれたら) (as little girl)



    • [2011.06.21-22] Yasashii Lion (やさしいライオン)
    • [2014] SMILE FANTASY!


    • Her dream was to become Japan's idol who can do anything.
    • Within Hello Pro Kenshuusei, her closest friend and rival was Takemura Miu.
    • Saito was part of Musical Village, the same acting program Tamura Meimi was in before joining S/mileage.
    • Prior to joining Hello! Project, Saito was a member of the Water Blue agency.
    • Saito doesn't have a television at home, but watches a mobile channel on her cell phone.
    • She has the same last name as Country Musume member Miuna.


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