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Sainen Mia (西念未彩) is a former member of Hello Pro Egg. She joined Hello Pro Egg in 2004, and withdrew from the group alongside several other Egg members in late 2010.

Sainen Mia, April 2009

Sainen Mia, April 2007


  • Favorite food: Shrimp, Mozuku, Nameko
  • Least favorite food: Mabo tofu.
  • Favorite colors: Red, green.
  • Likes: Collecting, red umbrellas
  • Dislikes: Running
  • Hobby: Listening to music, reading comics.
  • Specialty: Swimming
  • Favorite school subject: English
  • Least favorite school subject: Japanese
  • Favorite Word: Jonetsu
  • Looks up to: Takahashi Ai

  • Works[]


    Edo Kara Chakushin!? ~Timeslip to Kengai!~Reverse! ~ Watashi no Karada Doko Desu ka?


    • Sainen eats Japanese-style food for breakfast.
    • She is good at swimming.
    • She has a brother named Sainen Miyu (西念未優).
    • She is related to Sainen Miyu.
    • She likes English class.
    • Her favorite word is "Jonetsu" (Passion)
    • She looks up to Takahashi Ai.
    • She has a habit of rubbing her nose.
    • She is friends with Muto Mika and Yutoku Ayumi.
    • In 2013, she participated in a Miss Contest competition at Tokyo Gakuen University.
    • As of 2013, she is in her second year of Tokyo Gakuen University.


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