DVD by SATOYAMA movement units

Release Date July 24, 2013
Label UP-FRONT WORKS (archived)

SATOYAMA movement MUSIC VIDEO CLIPS is the first collections by SATOYAMA movement units. It was on pre-sale at the Satoyama events at Yokohama Pacifico. It include music videos and making-of footage of the first wave of Satoyama releases. It had a general release on July 24, 2013.


  1. Cabbage Hakusho Peaberry
  2. Forefore ~Forest For Rest~ DIY♡
  3. Forest Time Harvest
  4. Boys be ambitious! GREEN FIELDS
  5. Tegami - Tasaki Asashi

Bonus 1Edit

  1. Cabbage Hakusho (Close-up Ver.) - Peaberry
  2. Cabbage Hakusho (Obaachyanchi Ver.) - Peaberry
  3. Cabbage Hakusho (Ozemichi Ver.) - Peaberry
  4. Forefore ~Forest For Rest~ (Close-up Ver.) - DIY♡
  5. Forefore ~Forest For Rest~ (Dance Shot Ver.) - DIY♡
  6. Forefore ~Forest For Rest~ (Outdoor Ver.) - DIY♡
  7. Forest Time (Close-up Ver.) - Harvest
  8. Forest Time (Dance Shot Ver.) - Harvest
  9. Forest Time (Rear-Car Ver.) - Harvest
  10. Boys be ambitious ! (Close-up Ver.) - GREEN FIELDS
  11. Boys be ambitious ! (Evening Ver.) - GREEN FIELDS
  12. Boys be ambitious ! (Garden Party Ver.) - GREEN FIELDS
  13. Rolling Days (MUSIC VIDEO) - Tasaki Asahi

Bonus 2Edit

  1. SATOYAMA movement Jacket shooting
  2. Peaberry MUSIC VIDEO Shooting
  3. DIY♡ MUSIC VIDEO Shooting
  4. Harvest MUSIC VIDEO Shooting
  6. Tasaki Asahi MUSIC VIDEO Shooting

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