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SATOYAMA & SATOUMI movement is a movement that was started by UP-FRONT AGENCY in early 2012.

Originally simply named the SATOYAMA movement, its goal is to help and preserve satoyama areas, as well as make one think about the life and culture of those areas. The movement sprung the creation of the Hello! SATOYAMA Life TV program, multiple soloists and idol units. On March 2, 2013, the SATOUMI movement also began with the aim to remind Japan of their beautiful oceans and beaches in the satoumi areas, and the need to keep them clean and healthy.

Some of the SATOYAMA & SATOUMI movement unit members were Hello! Project idols, while others were special winners from the Forest Award NEW FACE Audition.


The following members have participated in the SATOYAMA & SATOUMI movement up to date.

Hello! Project


SATOYAMA movement units, 2013

SATOUMI movement units, 2013

SATOYAMA movement
SATOUMI movement



The official character of the SATOYAMA & SATOUMI movement is Satoyama-kun (さとやまくん).

In order to protect the woodlands and coastal areas, he gathers young people to help the effort. His body features snow, leaves, and cherry blossoms to express the four seasons. He loves the mountains and the ocean, and his slogan is "Satoyama & satoumi e ikou!" (里山&里海へ行こう!; Let's go to the woodlands & coastal areas!).[1]

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TV Programs[]


  • [2012.10.03-2014.03.26] SATOYAMA in Kanagawa
  • [2014.04.05-] Hello! SATOYAMA & SATOUMI Club


Major Events[]

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Events Participated In[]

  • [2019.10.05~06] GTF Green Challenge Day 2019 in Shinjuku Gyoen - Makoto, Hayashi Maya, Nakajima Saki, and BEYOOOOONDS
  • [2020.03.20~22] Jinguu no Mori Geijutsu Shukusai (cancelled) - Hello! Project
  • [2020.12.05~06] GTF Green Challenge Day 2020 Online - BEYOOOOONDS, Hello Pro Kenshuusei
  • [2021.11.06~07] GTF Green Challenge Day 2021 Online - Makoto, Hayashi Maya, Yajima Maimi, Nakajima Saki, Iikubo Haruna, Morning Musume'21 (Fukumura Mizuki, Okamura Homare, Yamazaki Mei), ANGERME (Kawamura Ayano, Sasaki Rikako, Hashisako Rin), Juice=Juice (Inaba Manaka, Kudo Yume, Arisawa Ichika), BEYOOOOONDS (Shimakura Rika, Takase Kurumi, Maeda Kokoro, Okamura Minami, Hirai Miyo, Kobayashi Honoka, Satoyoshi Utano), Hello Pro Kenshuusei Unit (Yonemura Kirara, Kubota Nanami, Kitahara Momo), Hello Pro Kenshuusei (Hirayama Yuki)



  • There was only one SATOYAMA & SATOUMI movement unit that consisted of male members, ALMA KAMINIITO.
  • 4 members of the SATOYAMA & SATOUMI movement were award winners from the Forest Award NEW FACE Audition: duo ALMA KAMINIITO, soloist Tasaki Asahi, and GREEN FIELDS member Miyazaki Yuka.
  • 7 members of SATOYAMA units were also members of SATOUMI units.
  • All members of DIY♡ and GREEN FIELDS have blood type O, and all members of Triplet have blood type A.
  • All ℃-ute members have been in a SATOUMI unit.
  • Nakajima Saki, Ishida Ayumi, and Sato Masaki are tied for being in the most SATOYAMA & SATOUMI units with three. Nakajima has been a member of DIY♡, HI-FIN, and Kamiishinaka Kana; Ishida has been a member of Harvest, HI-FIN, and Kamiishinaka Kana; and Sato has been a member of Harvest, Jurin, and Sato no Akari.
  • 2019 was the first year that an annual fall event was not held. Select members of the SATOYAMA & SATOUMI movement instead participated in the GTF Green Challenge Day 2019 in Shinjuku Gyoen held on October 5 and 6, 2019.[2][3]
    • In 2020 and 2021, no spring or autumn SATOYAMA & SATOUMI movement events were held at all, and other events that the movement planned to attend were either cancelled or held remotely online due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It was not until 2022 that the SATOYAMA & SATOUMI movement held another major event.


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