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SALT5 was one of the three Hello! Project shuffle units created in 2003. Its members consisted of Abe Natsumi, Kago Ai and Ogawa Makoto from Morning Musume and soloists Maeda Yuki and Matsuura Aya. SALT5 was the smallest shuffle unit of 2003.

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SALT5 was one of the three shuffle units created in 2003 and was made up of members from Morning Musume and two Hello! Project soloists. Abe Natsumi, Matsuura Aya and Kago Ai were the lead singers on the single.

The group was made for the purpose of recording a song to be released along with the other 2003 shuffle unit works on a combined single. SALT5's song was titled "Get Up! Rapper" and was a serious toned rap with a somewhat silly meaning - the lyrics were describing eating banana chips. The song followed in the style of the previous year's shuffle unit, Sexy 8.

The other 2003 shuffle units were the R&B singers; 7AIR, and the Ska-style pop singers; 11WATER who released the songs "Kowarenai Ai Ga Hoshii no" and "Be All Right!".

Matsuura Aya later cut a solo version of "Get Up! Rapper" for her third studio album X3.

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