S/mileage Kyuujitsu Club & Wada Ayaka Birthday Event 2012 (スマイレージ休日倶楽部&和田彩花バースデーイベント2012) is a DVD featuring footage from S/mileage's Kyuujitsu Club bus tour, and Wada Ayaka's 2012 birthday event at TOYKO FM HALL. [1] The DVD was sold only to Hello! Project fanclub members and had a deadline to be ordered by September 27, 2012. It was released to fanclub members on November 2012.

S/mileage Kyuujitsu Club in YamanashiEdit

S/mileage Kyuujitsu Club in Yamanashi (スマイレージ休日倶楽部~あなたの笑顔に逢えますように。in 山梨~) is bus tour in Yamanashi. Is Date July 28 & 29th, 2012



  • Wada Ayaka
  • Fukuda Kanon
  • Nakanishi Kana
  • Takeuchi Akari
  • Katsuta Rina
  • Tamura Meimi

S/mileage Wada Ayaka Birthday Event 2012Edit

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Wada Ayaka Promoting Event

S/mileage Wada Ayaka Birthday Event 2012 (スマイレージ・和田彩花 バースデーイベント 2012) is Wada Ayaka's 18th birthday event. It took place on August 1, 2012


  1. Juushichi no Natsu
  2. MC
  3. Suprise from Iikubo Haruna
  4. Akai Freesia
  5. MC 2
  6. Akai Sweet Pea

Featured MembersEdit


Event ScheduleEdit

Date Venue Prefecture Doors Open Event Starts
8/1 TOKYO FM HALL Tokyo 17:45 18:15
19:20 19:50


DVD「スマイレージバスツアー&和田彩花 BDイベント」

DVD「スマイレージバスツアー&和田彩花 BDイベント」


  • This is Wada Ayaka's First Birthday Event
  • Iikubo Haruna from Morning Musume is cameo apperance durring Ayacho's suprisse in 2014 birthday event


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