S/mileage DVD Magazine Vol.5
DVD Magazine by S/mileage
Native title スマイレージ DVD Magazine Vol.5
Released April 9, 2011
Length 59 min.
S/mileage DVD Magazines Chronology
Previous S/mileage DVD Magazine Vol.4 (2010)
Next S/mileage DVD Magazine Vol.6 (2011)

S/mileage DVD Magazine Vol.5 is a DVD magazine by S/mileage. It was released on April 9, 2011 as merchandise for the ℃-ute & S/mileage Premium Live 2011 Haru ~℃ & S Collaboration Daisakusen~.[1]


In this DVD magazine, Kampe-sensei returns! This time, there is the "S/mileage + Daisakusen (Big Operation)", an operation in which S/mileage collaborates with something to cause a scientific reaction that will make themselves more cute. Will they become cuter? Bonus footage is also included!

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