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Roulette (ルーレット) is PINK CRES.'s major debut single. It was released on February 26, 2020 in four editions: three regular and one limited.[1] The first press of the regular editions comes with a random trading card of 4 kinds depending on the jackets (12 in total), and the limited edition comes with a play pass.[2]

On February 5, "Roulette" was pre-released through iTunes ahead of the single.[3]

"Roulette" was chosen as the first ending theme song of TBS' Furusato no Mirai.



PINK CRES.『ルーレット』(PINK CRES.-Roulette-)(MV)


Regular Edition A[]

  1. Roulette
  2. Egoistic (エゴイスティック)
  4. Roulette (Instrumental)
  5. Egoistic (Instrumental)
  6. GIRLS PRIDE (Instrumental)

Regular Edition B[]

  1. Roulette
  2. Egoistic
  4. Roulette (Instrumental)
  5. Egoistic (Instrumental)
  6. BLACK OUT (Instrumental)

Regular Edition C[]

  1. Roulette
  2. Egoistic (エゴイスティック)
  3. Think over
  4. Roulette (Instrumental)
  5. Egoistic (Instrumental)
  6. Think over (Instrumental)

Limited Edition[]

  1. Roulette
  2. Egoistic
  3. Roulette (Instrumental)
  4. Egoistic (Instrumental)

Limited Edition DVD[]

  1. Roulette (Music Video)

Featured Members[]

PINK CRES. promoting the single

Single Information[]

  • Lyrics, Composition, and Arrangement: NA.ZU.NA
  • Lyrics: Nishino Konnyaku
  • Composition: Iehara Masaki, Lauren Kaori
  • Arrangement: Iehara Masaki
  • Lyrics: Kokubo Yuki
  • Composition: Kohei Yokono, Kokubo Yuki
  • Arrangement: Kohei Yokono
  • Lyrics: Giz'Mo (from Jam9)
  • Composition: YUU for YOU, Giz'Mo (from Jam9)
  • Arrangement: YUU for YOU
Think over

Concert Performances[]

Think over

Chart Positions[]

Oricon Chart Positions[]

Daily & Weekly Rankings
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Week Rank Sales
- 18 25 - - - - 28 2,141
- - - - - - - 191 134
- - - - - - - - -

Total Reported Sales: 2,275

Weekly Combined Ranking
Week Rank Points
22 6,051

Total reported points: 6,051

Billboard Japan Top Single Sales[]

Week Rank Sales Ref
25 2,489 [4]

Total Reported Sales: 2,489


  • The single was announced on December 28, 2019 during a performance at H.I.P. presents FUMI FES. vol.6, and was later confirmed on Twitter by the members.[5]
  • It was released on the same day as KAN's single, "Pop Music", and the the DVD for the Engeki Joshibu musical, Reborn ~13nin no Tamashii wa Kami-sama no Yume wo Miru~.
  • They held a gift campaign through Twitter from February 19 through March 4, where 50 winners would be selected by lottery to receive an original trump card. To enter, users had to follow the official PINK CRES. staff Twitter account, and retweet the announcement tweet.[6]
  • They held a campaign through social media where fans could use the hashtag "#PINKRoulette" with a short message on the appeals of PINK CRES. to spread word of the group.[7]
  • Release events for the single from February 8 through February 9 were cancelled due to all three members being diagnosed with influenza.[8]
  • From February 26 to March 14, release events for the single were cancelled in consideration of a new policy established by the government to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.[9][10]
  • On April 17, PINK CRES. held an internet autograph signing session livestreamed through YouTube to promote the single. Natsuyaki Miyabi was absent due to poor condition from allergies.[11]


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