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Reborn ~13nin no Tamashii wa Kami-sama no Yume wo Miru~ (リボーン~13人の魂は神様の夢を見る~; Reborn ~13 Souls See the Dream of God~) was an Engeki Joshibu musical starring Kobushi Factory and BEYOOOOONDS. It ran from November 14 to November 24, 2019 at Kokumin Kyosai coop Hall / Space Zero. It was a revival of the 2011 musical Reborn ~Inochi no Audition~.

The DVD was released on February 26, 2020. It includes a photobooklet.


The god Enma has gathered the souls of great people in history.
From Jeanne d'Arc, Cleopatra, and Napoleon to Marie Antoinette,
Oda Nobunaga, and Akechi Mitsuhide... the group is truly worldwide!

However, one of the souls, Bebe, does not have memories of their past life.
"Why don't I have memories of my past like everyone else?"

Then Enma makes a loud declaration.
"Well then, let's begin the audition of life, to be reborn!"

Who will be reborn?
What did Bebe do in their past life?
And what are the souls' futures?
Bebe's trial begins!!

Featured Members[]

From Kobushi Factory


  • Script: Ota Yoshinari
  • Director: Yoshida Ken (TBS TV)
  • Music: Hatake (Sharam Q)
  • Choreography: YOSHIKO
  • Producer: Niwa Tamon Andrew (BS-TBS)

DVD Tracklist[]

  1. Opening ~ ♪"Tamashii no Sugata" (オープニング~♪「魂の姿」; Opening ~ ♪"The Figure of the Soul")
  2. ♪"Reborn no Theme" ~ 13nin Iru no ka? (♪「リボーンのテーマ」~13人いるのか?; ♪"Reborn's Theme" ~ Are There 13 People?)
  3. ♪"Audition for Life" (♪「オーディション・フォー・ライフ」)
  4. Dai 1 no Inochi / Spain no Geijutsuka (第1の命/スペインの芸術家; The First Life / Spanish Artist)
  5. "Da Vinci Dance" (「ダ・ヴィンチ・ダンス」)
  6. Dai 2 no Inochi / Okane wo Morau Moguri no Isha (第2の命/お金をもらうもぐりの医者; The Second Life / A Doctor Who Gets Money)
  7. ♪"Mitame de Handan Suru na" (♪「見た目で判断するな」; ♪"Don't Judge From One's Appearance")
  8. Dai 3 on Inochi / Heiwa no Ousama Shiroi Lion (第3の命/平和の王様 白いライオン; The Third Life / The King of Peace, the White Lion)
  9. ♪"Show Time!" (♪「ショータイム!」)
  10. Dai 4・5 no Inochi / Sora wo Tobu 10man Bariki (第4・5の命/空を飛ぶ10万馬力; The Fourth and Fifth Lives / 100,000 Horsepower Flying in the Sky)
  11. ♪"Bye Bye" (♪「バイバイ」)
  12. Kyuukei Jikan no Wasuremono (休憩時間の忘れもの: Things to Forget During Break Time)
  13. Jeanne to Bebe no Kokuhaku (ジャンヌとベベの告白; Jeanne and Bebe's Confession)
  14. ♪"Nani mo Shiranai" (♪「何も知らない」; ♪"I Don't Know Anything")
  15. Sandai Bijo to Napoleon no Sakusen (三大美女とナポレオンの作戦; Three Beautiful Women and Napoleon's Strategy)
  16. Antoinette no Uwasa (アントワネットの噂; Antoinette's Gossip)
  17. Dai 6・7・8 no Inochi / Jidai wo Kaeru Gendouryoku (第6・7・8の命/時代を変える原動力; The Sixth, Seventh and Eighth Lives / The Driving Force That Changes Time)
  18. ♪"Watashitachi Nara Kitto" (♪「私たちならきっと」; ♪"Surely We")
  19. Dai 9・10 no Inochi / Inochi no Lamp ga Hikatta (第9・10の命/命のランプが光った; The Ninth and Tenth Lives / The Lamp of Life Shined)
  20. ♪"Kibou no Yume" (♪「希望の夢」; ♪"Hopeful Dream")
  21. Dai 11 no Inochi / Konchuu Suki no Gakusha (第11の命/昆虫好きの学者; The Eleventh Life / A Student Who Likes Bugs)
  22. ♪"Ningen Kirai" (♪「人間嫌い」; ♪"Misantrophy")
  23. Dai 12 no Inochi / Saigo no Umarekawari (第12の命/最後の生まれ変わり; The Twelfth Life / The Last Reincarnation)
  24. ♪"Soba ni Iru yo" (♪「そばにいるよ」; ♪"I'll Be by Your Side")
  25. Epilogue ~ Sakuhin no Kioku (エピローグ~作品の記憶; Epilogue ~ Memories of the Work)
  26. ♪"Reborn" ~ Finale (♪「リボーン」~フィナーレ)
  27. Curtain Call (カーテンコール)


Date Venue Prefecture Doors Open Show Starts
11/14 Kokumin Kyosai coop Hall (Zenrosai Hall) / Space Zero Tokyo 18:30 19:00
11/15 18:30 19:00
11/16 11:00 11:30
14:30 15:00
18:00 18:30
11/17 11:00 11:30
14:30 15:00
11/19 18:30 19:00
11/20 18:30 19:00
11/21 18:30 19:00
11/22 18:30 19:00
11/23 11:00 11:30
14:30 15:00
18:00 18:30
11/24 11:00 11:30
14:30 15:00
  • Total: 16 Shows




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