Reborn / Sono Hi Made
Muratani h1
Single by Muratani Shimai
Native title Reborn / その日まで
Released March 17, 2017
Genre J-Pop, J-Rock
Format CD
Other Covers
Muratani h4

Reborn / Sono Hi Made (Reborn/その日まで) is the debut single of Muratani Shimai. It was initially only sold at their "Muratani Todoro no Enshuai" live event but was later eventually made available through Otani Masae's online store along with other merchandise from the event.


  1. Reborn
  2. Sono Hi Made (その日まで; Until That Day)
  3. Reborn (Instrumental)
  4. Sono Hi Made (Instrumental)
  5. Reborn (Demo)

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Sono Hi Made


  • The release doesn't have two different covers. The release has a baby picture of Otan ion one side and Murata on the other side.

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