Puripuri Pink (プリプリピンク) was one of the three Hello! Project shuffle units formed in 2005, the others were Sexy Otonajan and Elegies. Puripuri Pink's theme was "Pretty".

Puripuri (プリプリ) is an onomatopoeia for “elasticity”, “flexibility” (smooth and firm texture found in things like jello, boiled eggs, and baby’s skin). Puri (プリ) is also the shorter way of saying Pretty (プリティー) in Japanese. The "Pink" from their name refers to how the members wear bright pink costumes. Pink is also street slang for “adult entertainment”. 




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  • Tsunku made the following comment about this unit on his blog: 
    • I wanted to create a unit that consists of the original members of Morning Musume and Taiyo To Ciscomoon. "Puri Puri Pink" is a shuffle unit which consists of the first generation of Hello!Project. I created a song with a mellow groove because I wanted to accentuate gentleness of the unison vocal and express the calm unity as a group with matured members.
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