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Pinch wa Chansu Baka ni Narou ze! (ピンチはチャンス バカになろうぜ!; A Pinch Is a Chance, Let's Become Fools!) is the second in the five-single series of indies collaboration singles by Melon Kinenbi after their graduation from Hello! Project. This single was a collaboration with New Rote'ka (Neurotica), and released as limited distribution on July 22, 2009. People that purchased the single from the Tower Records online store received a free original computer wallpaper. The single peaked at #90 on the Oricon weekly charts and sold 1,020 copies.


  1. Pinch wa Chansu - Baka ni Narou ze!
  2. Pinch wa Chansu - Baka ni Narou ze! (Instrumental)

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Single Information[]

  • Lyrics: ATSUSHI
  • Composition: KATARU
  • Arrangement: New Rote'ka

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