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Pinch Runner (ピンチランナー) is a Hello! Project movie starring members of Morning Musume. The movie was released in theaters on May 20, 2000. A making of VHS/DVD (pink cover) was released on October 21, 2000, and the VHS/DVD of the actual movie was released a month later on November 21, 2000 under the title Morning Musume Hashiru! Pinch Runner. The rental versions of the movie on VHS and DVD had alternate covers, and a Pinch Runner documentary on VHS was also released.


Minugishi Ayumi (Abe) is a student of Asahina High School, and the lone member of its Track and Field club. She seems hard to speak to, and despite being a good, quiet student, not many people care to know much about her. One day, a fire breaks out in the place that houses all the track and field supplies, and Ayumi is unable to get out. An aspiring member of the club, Hasegawa Sanae, cries out for someone to save her, but Ayumi cannot remember the face of whomever it was who took her out of the fire.

The events that follow the fire unknowingly change Ayumi's solitary life, and she will find herself leading Sanae, Michiko, Tomoko, Maho, Reiko and Ikue into a race where the goal is much more than just getting past the line in first place.



Sheet that came with the CD (side 1)

Sheet that came with the CD (side 2)

An original soundtrack for the film was released on July 5, 2000. The album has 11 instrumental themes (track 1-11) from the movie, as well as 4 songs: two remixes of Morning Musume songs from their third album (track 13 and 14), a song by Sharam Q (track 15) and a song by Stardust Revue with Aida Shoko (track 16). First press came with trading cards.

CD Tracklist[]

  1. Opening Theme (オープニングテーマ)
  2. Sanae no Theme (さなえのテーマ; Sanae's Theme)
  3. Tomoko no Theme (知子のテーマ; Tomoko's Theme)
  4. Maho no Theme (真穂のテーマ; Maho's Theme)
  5. Michiko no Theme (道子のテーマ; Michiko's Theme)
  6. Reiko no Theme (麗子のテーマ; Reiko's Theme)
  7. Ayumi no Theme (あゆみのテーマ; Ayumi's Theme)
  8. Asahina Gakuen Rikujoubu no Theme (朝比奈学園陸上部のテーマ; Asahina Academy Track Club Theme)
  9. Shitsui (失意; Disappointment)
  10. Shissou (疾走; Sprint)
  11. Goal (ゴール)
  12. Shin Ramen Daisuki Koikesan no Uta (新・ラーメン大好き小池さんの唄; I Love New Ramen, Koike’s Song) - Sharam Q
  13. Dance Suru no da! (MASTERS OF FUNK Flavor Remix) - Morning Musume
  14. Omoide (BEAT WAVE SPIRAL MIX) - Morning Musume
  15. Natural ~Dakishimete Kono Mama de~ (ナチュラル~抱きしめてこのままで~) - Stardust Revue with Aida Shoko

Album Information[]

Pinch runner promo flyer.jpg
Tracks 1-11 Arrangement

Shin Ramen Daisuki Koikesan no Uta

Dance Suru no da! (MASTERS OF FUNK Flavor Remix)

  • Remix: CPM-Marvin


  • Remix: N.Ishikawa

Natural ~Dakishimete Kono Mama de~

  • Lyrics: Makoto, Tsunku
  • Composition: Nemoto Kaname
  • Arrangement: Mitsuda Kenichi

Concert Performances[]

Natural ~Dakishimete Kono Mama de~ (ナチュラル~抱きしめてこのままで~)


  • Ishikawa Rika, Yoshizawa Hitomi, Kago Ai, and Tsuji Nozomi, who were recent additions to Morning Musume, appear in a post-credits epilogue.
  • Almost every member of Hello! Project appeared in the marathon opening ceremony scene, divided in three teams. "Hello! Project 1" had T&C Bomber and Heike Michiyo (along with Michiyo's manager at the time, Segi Mariko), "Hello! Project 2" had Coconuts Musume, Maeda Yuki and Miyoshi Chinatsu, and "Hello! Project 3" had Melon Kinenbi and Kikuchi Ai. Rinne was originally meant to appear in Kikuchi's place, but she fell sick 3 days before filming the scene.
  • Imai Eriko, from SPEED, has a brief appearance in the movie.

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