Petitmoni Single V Clips ①
Video Collection by Petitmoni
Native title プッチモニ シングルVクリップス①
Released June 16, 2004
Format DVD
Recorded 1999-2001
Length 33 minutes
Label zetima zetima
Producer Tsunku

Petitmoni Single V Clips ① (プッチモニ シングルVクリップス①) is the first and only music video compilation DVD by Petitmoni. It was released on June 16, 2004. It peaked at #4 on the Oricon weekly charts and sold 11,562 copies.


  1. Chokotto LOVE
  2. Seishun Jidai 1.2.3!
  3. BABY! Koi ni KNOCK OUT!
  4. Pittari Shitai X'mas!


  • Seishun Jidai 1.2.3 (Close-up Ver.)
  • BABY! Koi ni KNOCK OUT! (Close-up Ver.)
  • Pittari Shitai X'mas! (Close-up Ver.)
  • TV Commercial Collection (TV-CM集)

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