Also Known As Pucchimoni, Putti-moni, Petitmoni V
Origin Tokyo, Japan
Genre Japanese Pop
Years Active 1999-2003
Labels Zetima
Associated Acts Morning Musume, Tanpopo, Minimoni, Coconuts Musume, ℃-ute, Mano Erina
Members Ichii Sayaka (1999-2000)
Yasuda Kei (1999-2002)
Goto Maki (1999-2002)
Yoshizawa Hitomi (2000-2003)
Ogawa Makoto (2002-2003)
Kimura Ayaka (2002-2003)

Petitmoni (プッチモニ) was the second official sub-group of the J-pop idol group Morning Musume, which was active from 1999 to 2003.

In 2009, the group was revived and renamed Petitmoni V (プッチモニV).



Petitmoni V, July 2009

Petitimoni-artist photo

Petitmoni 3rd generation, 2003

Petitmoni 2gen

Petitmoni 2nd generation, 2002


Petitmoni 1st generation, 2000

The first generation members of Petitmoni were Yasuda Kei, Ichii Sayaka and Goto Maki. They went on to release their first single, "Chokotto LOVE," which sold more than a million copies.

On October 3rd, 1999 Tsunku announces his plan on creating a new unit. He wants to create another sub-unit (like he did with Tanpopo one year eralier) using members from Morning Musume. He reveals that the members will be Kei Yasuda, Sayaka Ichii, and Maki Goto. Rumors say that the choice of girls was because of Goto’s success in Morning Musume, and the fact that Yasuda and Ichii had sung a catchy song (Otome no Shinrigaku) as a duo on their second album.

After the first single, Ichii Sayaka graduated from Morning Musume and Petitmoni. Yoshizawa Hitomi was then added to the group. Petitmoni released three more singles before releasing their only album, Zenbu! Petitmoni. The album was a collection of all their singles and coupling tracks, along with two of The ★ Petitmobics medleys and an original track, "Makenai Maketakunai."

After Goto graduated and Yasuda's graduation was announced, the group's formation changed yet again. Coconuts Musume member Kimura Ayaka was the first non-Morning Musume member to join, along with 5th generation Morning Musume member Ogawa Makoto. Yoshizawa became the new leader, but the new line-up didn't last long enough to release a single. They did however release a remake of "Chokotto LOVE" (titled "Chokotto LOVE (2003 Version)") with the new line-up, which was included in Petit Best 3. They also released a new song, titled "WOW WOW WOW," which was included in the Petit Best 4.

In January 2013, Petitmoni briefly reunited for Hello! Project's 15th anniversary tour, where Yoshizawa and members of Petitmoni V performed.


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  • [2001.04.25] Petitmoni Photobook (プッチモニ写真集)
Petitmoni V
Petitmoni V, January 2010
Origin Tokyo, Japan
Genre Japanese Pop
Years Active 2009-2011
Labels Zetima
Associated Acts Morning Musume, Tanpopo, Minimoni, Coconuts Musume, ℃-ute, Mano Erina
Members Nakajima Saki (2009-2011)
Hagiwara Mai (2009-2011)
Mano Erina (2009-2011)

Petitmoni V Edit

Petitmoni V (プッチモニV) was a Hello! Project unit, a revival group of Petitmoni. The idea was probably to revive the sub-units, since a release of an album or singles were announced, then scrapped.

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After 6 years on hiatus, Petitmoni became active again in 2009, this time with a new concept and name: Petitmoni V.

The new line-up recorded "Kimi ga Iru Dake de" for Chanpuru 1 ~Happy Marriage Song Cover Shuu~, and later performed a new original song, "Pira! Otome no Negai" at that year's summer concert tour (Hagiwara was absent for the performance that was recorded for the concert's DVD release). "Pira! Otome no Negai" was then featured in Petit Best 10.

Petitmoni V's last performance was during the Hello! Project 2011 WINTER ~Kangei Shinsen Matsuri~ A gana Live, after which the unit became inactive.

In January 2013, Petitmoni V briefly reunited for Hello! Project's 15th anniversary tour, performing alongside Yoshizawa Hitomi.

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