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Pacific Dream Pop Singer Competition was an audition by Sony Music Entertainment Japan offering a record deal to the overall winner. It was held in Hawaii, USA in November 1998.

International finals was held at the Nagoya Hard Rock Cafe in December.[1]

Five participants made their debut as Coconuts Musume in June 1999, and the unit was credited as "Presented by Makoto, Produced by Tsunku".

Selected Edit


  • 1,500 applicants signed up for the audition.
  • On December 20, 1998, Mika Todd won the 3rd Prize (Special Award).
  • Danielle Delaunay made it to the final round, but she didn’t win the contest. A few weeks later, she received a surprising phone call: Delaunay was asked to join Coconuts Musume.[2]
  • Other finalists included 11 year old Jennifer Perri. She sang "River Deep Mountain High" which got her through to the finale.[3] She later released albums of her own.[4]


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