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PINK CRES. HBD Party! ~Miya-chan Birthday Watashi mo Wasurenaide by Hikaru~ (PINK CRES. HBD Party! ~PINKみやちゃん 私も忘れないでbyひかる~) was a fanclub event by PINK CRES. to celebrate Natsuyaki Miyabi's 28th birthday. It was also a late celebration of Kobayashi Hikaru's 26th birthday, which was actually four months earlier in April. Three shows took place on August 25, 2020 at Shibuya SHIDAX Culture Hall.

In compliance with government policy due to the coronavirus pandemic, cheering, crowding, standing, and closeness in the venue were prohibited, and wearing masks were required to enter.[1] In addition, the event was exclusively a talk event, and no songs were performed.

Featured Members[]

Event Schedule[]

Date Venue Prefecture Doors Open Event Starts
8/25 Shibuya SHIDAX Culture Hall Tokyo 14:15 15:00
17:00 17:45
19:45 20:30


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