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Ozeki Mai (小関舞) is a Japanese talent. She is a former idol under Hello! Project as a former member of Country Girls.[2][3] Ozeki graduated from Country Girls and Hello! Project on December 26, 2019, following the group's suspension of activities.[4]

As of April 2022, she is part of the M-line club.


Ozeki Mai, January 2021

Ozeki Mai, December 2019

Ozeki Mai, March 2019

Ozeki Mai, August 2018

Ozeki Mai, February 2017

Ozeki Mai, September 2016

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Ozeki Mai, December 2015

Ozeki Mai, August 2015

Ozeki Mai, March 2015

Ozeki Mai, January 2015

Early Life[]

Ozeki Mai was born on February 10, 2002 in Tokyo, Japan.

In 2002, Ozeki appeared in the film Jitsuroku Hitman ~Tsuma Sono Ai~.

In 2012, she became a junior model under the agency Tamborine Artists.[5][6]


On April 8, Ozeki announced she had left Tamborine Artists after being bullied by another agency member. Slanderous comments were being left on her blog since New Year's, and the commenter's IP address was matched with someone she was close friends with at the agency. The other girl stayed with Tamborine Artists after Ozeki decided to leave, and she never received an apology.[7]

In 2014, she participated in the Morning Musume '14 <Golden> Audition! in hopes of becoming a 12th generation member, but failed in the last round.[3]

On November 5, it was announced that Ozeki was added to the Country Musume revival group called Country Girls, alongside Yamaki Risa, Inaba Manaka, Morito Chisaki and Shimamura Uta.[3][2]


On February 10, Ozeki celebrated her 14th birthday at a fanclub event titled Country Girls Ozeki Mai Birthday Event 2016, which featured two shows at Mt.RAINIER HALL.


On February 13, Ozeki celebrated her 15th birthday at a fanclub event titled Country Girls Ozeki Mai Birthday Event 2017, which featured two shows at TOKYO FM HALL.


On February 6, Ozeki celebrated her 16th birthday at a fanclub event titled Country Girls Ozeki Mai Birthday Event 2018, which featured two shows at TOKYO FM HALL.


On February 12, Ozeki celebrated her 17th birthday at a fanclub event titled Country Girls Ozeki Mai Birthday Event 2019, which featured two shows at Shinjuku ReNY.

On August 26, it was announced that Ozeki would star in Barbecue, SKY PerfecTV!'s 29th Twitter morning drama series posted every day from September 2 to September 7.[8]

On December 18, Ozeki Mai released her first visual photobook, Mai BEST.[9]

On December 26, Country Girls suspended all activities after their concert at LINE CUBE SHIBUYA, and Ozeki Mai subsequently graduated from the group and Hello! Project. Afterwards, she planned on applying to university and continuing activities in the entertainment industry.[4]


On July 13, it was announced that she would be one of several current and former Hello! Project members starring in a new horror television drama based on the book, Hobonichi no Kaidan. The drama began airing in August 2020.[10][11][12]

On November 7, 2020 she opened an official Instagram account.[13]

On November 8, 2020 she announced on her Instagram that she would be appearing in a play with the Kijyooo no Kuron theater troupe, Pink no Kawa de Nurui Iki. The play will run from February 7 to February 14, 2021. [14][15]


On July 6, it was announced that Ozeki would be appearing in the Shounen Shachu troupe's production of Drop as part of the "Team Dumpty" cast from September 2 through September 12.[16][17]


On April 21, Ozeki Mai joined the M-line club.[18]

On May 1, it was also announced that she would be starring in the musical STAGE VANGUARD "Akujou Tensei" alongside Miyamoto Karin and several trainees from Hello Pro Kenshuusei. The musical is set to run from July 5 to July 12 at COTTON CLUB.[19]

Personal Life[]

Ozeki is the eldest daughter of former baseball player and a current hitting coach for the Yomiuri Giants, Ozeki Tatsuya.[20][21] Her grandparents have a ramen shop in Sano, Tochigi Prefecture. She has a younger sister and owns four pet cats: Gaayan, Satsuki, Mei, and Ryuu.

When Ozeki joined Country Girls in November 2014, she was a first year middle school student. She graduated from middle school in March 2017,[22] which Remioromen's "3gatsu 9ka" was chosen to be sung by her graduating class at their ceremony.[23] She also wrote her middle school graduation essay on the topic of "How to live in the entertainment industry."[6]

In April 2017, she started her first year of high school.[24] In June 2017,[25] Ozeki's class placed first in their year in the school sports festival, and in September 2017, they won the popularity vote in the cultural festival for their haunted house classroom.[26] Then in January 2018, her class won first place in their grade for both conducting and accompaniment in the school music festival, as well as the championship grand prize.[27]

The following list are notable friendships Ozeki Mai has acquired:

Ozeki's was given the name Mai (舞) so she could soar high (舞い上がる; maiagaru) in the future, and on the day she was born snow was whirling (舞う; mau) about.[28]

Here is a list of nicknames that was used to refer to Ozeki Mai:

  • Ozeki-chan (おぜきちゃん): Official nickname, given her since Country Girls.
  • Ozeko (おぜこ): Second nickname, given by Shimamura Uta.[29]


  • Specialty: Violin[30]
  • Hobby: Singing, [30] Dancing[30], Going somewhere with friends
  • Favorite Colors: Pastel blue, Emerald
  • Favorite Sports: Basketball, Baseball
  • Motto: "Enjoy" (楽しむ)
  • Favorite Hello! Project songs: "Tokai no Hitorigurashi", "Love Together!", "Towa no Uta", "Munasawagi Scarlet"
  • Looks Up to: Yajima Maimi, Ikuta Erina

  • Discography[]

    Main article: Ozeki Mai/Discography

    Solo Blu-rays[]


    Main article: Ozeki Mai/Publications

    Solo Photobooks[]




    • [2002] Jitsuroku Hitman ~Tsuma Sono Ai~ (実録ヒットマン~妻その愛~)

    TV Programs[]

    TV Dramas[]

    Web Dramas[]

    • [2019] Barbecue (バーベキュー) (SKY PerfecTV! Twitter)



    • [2015] Country Girls no Tadaima Radio Kenshuuchuu!! (カントリー・ガールズの只今ラジオ研修中‼)
    • [2015–2019] Country Girls no Tadaima Radio Housouchuu!! (カントリー・ガールズの只今ラジオ放送中!!)
    • [2016–2019] HELLO! DRIVE! (HELLO! DRIVE! -ハロドラ-) (Mondays, 2016.09–2017.09; Thursdays, 2017.10–2019.06)

    Music Videos[]


    • Before she became an idol, she said her dream was to become an actress.[7]
    • She knows how to ride a unicycle.[31]
    • She said she was interested in Ikuta Erina because her magic spell gag on variety shows was funny.[32]
    • She shares the same given name with Country Girls supervisor Satoda Mai and former ℃-ute member Hagiwara Mai.
    • She has the same birthday as Kobushi Factory member Nomura Minami.
    • She has taken violin lessons since she was four years old.
    • She was born on the exact same day that Ichii Sayaka's photobook Self was released.

    Honorary Titles[]

    Honorary Titles
    Preceded by
    Satoda Mai
    Youngest member of Country Girls
    November 5, 2014 – November 5, 2015
    Succeeded by
    Funaki Musubu


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