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Okai Chisato
(おか)() ()(さと)



Okai Chisato promoting "Tsugi no Kado wo Magare"
Nicknames Chissaa (ちっさー?)
Okai-chan (岡井ちゃん?)
ちさと (Chisato?)
Birth Info
Born June 21, 1994 (1994-06-21) (age 25)
Origin Saitama, Japan
Blood Type A
Zodiac Sign Gemini Gemini
Height 152cm
Professional Info
Genres J-Pop
Occupation Idol, Singer, Actress, Model
Years Active 2002-present
(17 years)
Agency UP-FRONT AGENCY (2002-2012)
Label zetima
Up-Front Works
Associated Acts ℃-ute, Hello! Project Kids, Athena & Robikerottsu, Tanpopo#, Mellowquad, Triplet, H.P. All Stars, Mobekimasu, Stelladrop, Okappy
℃-ute Info
Generation 1st Generation
Member Color       Green (2009-Present)
      Blue (2006-2009)
Blog Official Gree Blog
Okai's Autograph

Okai Chisato (岡井千聖) is a member of the group ℃-ute under Hello! Project. She is also a member of Mellowquad, Triplet and the leader of Team Okai.



Okai Chisato, July 2014

Okai 01 img-kokoro

Okai Chisato, March 2014


Okai Chisato, November 2013


Okai Chisato, September 2013


Okai Chisato, July 2013


Okai Chisato , April 2013


Okai Chisato, February 2013


Okai Chisato, November 2012

Okai AAAN 1

Okai Chisato, September 2012


Okai Chisato, April 2012


Okai Chisato, January 2012


Okai Chisato, November 2011


Okai Chisato, September 2011


Okai Chisato, May 2011

Okai 01 img6

Okai Chisato, April 2011

Okai 01 img (2)

Okai Chisato, February 2011

Okai 01 Aitai

Okai Chisato, December 2010

Chisato DdBpng

Okai Chisato, August 2010

Okai 01 img

Okai Chisato, April 2010


Okai Chisato, February 2010

OkaiChisato 2009

Okai Chisato, January 2010

Early Life

Okai Chisato was born on June 21, 1994 in Saitama, Japan to Okai Ken and Hitomi.


Okai first joined Hello! Project on June 30, 2002 as one of the fifteen children chosen from the Hello! Project Kids auditions.[1]

In 2004 Berryz Koubou was formed, with the intention of rotating the kids throughout the unit.[2] Okai didn't make the original pick, and the idea was eventually dropped.

The remaining kids ended up forming ℃-ute in 2005.[3] The group didn't make its official debut until late in 2006, with their first major label single released in 2007.


She was a member of Little Gatas until she was added to Gatas Brilhantes H.P.. She was also a part of the unit Athena & Robikerottsu consisting of Okai, Niigaki Risa, Mitsui Aika, and Nakajima Saki in 2007. They sang the opening and ending theme song for the anime Robby & Kerobby.


She was put in the revival unit for Tanpopo with Kamei Eri, Mitsui Aika, and Kumai Yurina.


A video of Okai covering the dance for Dance de Bakoon! was uploaded to ℃-ute's Official Youtube Channel. It achieved 100,000 views in 2 days; upon reaching 500,000 views, ℃-ute's new single Aitai Lonely Christmas was released in celebration.

On November 27, Okai became the first member of ℃-ute to get her own single and a separate listing on iTunes. Before the year ended, she released two more songs on iTunes.


On January 24, Okai released another song on iTunes. The Solo Live 2011 Vol.1 ~Kaisha de Odotte Mita!~ was also released. The CD contains two songs from her iTunes list, while the DVD has singing and dancing of 12 songs.

On July 4, Okai and Ishikawa Rika starred in a mini drama titled "Tokusou Shirei! Aichi Police". Okai also starred in a stage play featuring Nakajima Saki, Miyamoto Karin and Kudo Haruka. titled 1974 Ikunayo.


On April 18, it was announced that Okai, Mano Erina, Yajima Maimi, and Suzuki Airi will star in a new stage play titled Theatre in the Round. The stage play ran from May 15-17.


On March 2, at SATOYAMA e Ikou! ~Forest For Rest~, Okai was announced a member of the new SATOUMI movement unit, Mellowquad, along with fellow ℃-ute member Yajima Maimi and Berryz Koubou's Tokunaga Chinami and Natsuyaki Miyabi.

On April 1, it was announced Okai would have a regular Thursday segment on CBC’s “Go Go Smile.”


On March 13, it was announced that Okai would be a member of a newly formed SATOYAMA movement unit called Triplet.

On March 26, it was announced Okai would be a regular on the TV show Haraichi no Kami Appli.

On June 21, Okai celebrated her 20th birthday. The special event was called ℃-ute ~Okai Chisato Birthday Event 2014~, the event featured two performances in Tokyo.


On July 24, it was announced that Okai Chisato would be a regular on 'Chou Shiritoriaru' (TV Tokyo). [4]

Personal Life

Main Page: Family of Okai Chisato

Okai has 4 sibilings: two younger sisters, Asuna and Mion, and two younger brothers, Tsubasa and Rimu. Asuna is a former member of Hello Pro Egg. Her father runs a small plumbing business.

Okai currently owns 2 dogs: Lipstick and Howl. She previously owned a dog name Pine, who passed away in 2013. She also owns 4 turtles, which includes Elizabeth and Kamedo.

When Okai joined Hello! Project Kids, she was a second year elementary school student.[1] She graduated from high school in March 2013.

The following list are notable friendships Okai Chisato has acquired:

Here is a list of nicknames that was used to refer to Okai Chisato:

  • Chissaa (ちっさー): Official nickname, given her since joining ℃-ute. Used by members and fans.
  • Okai-chan (岡井ちゃん): Official nickname. Used by members and fans.


  • Name: Okai Chisato (岡井千聖)
  • Birth Date: June 21, 1994 (1994-06-21) (age 25)
  • Birthplace: Tokorozawa, Saitama, Japan
  • Nickname: Chissaa (ちっさー), Okai-chan (岡井ちゃん), Chisato (ちさと), Chippe (ちっぺ)
  • Blood type: A
  • Height: 152cm
  • Weight: 53 kg
  • Western Zodiac: Gemini
  • Eastern Zodiac: Dog
  • Hello! Project Status:
    • 2002-06-30: Member
    • 2005-06-11: ℃-ute Member
  • Years in ℃-ute: 9 Years
  • Official Kaomoji: リ ・一・リ
  • ℃-ute Color:
    • Blue (2006-2009)
    • Green (2009-Present)
  • Audition Song: "Country Roads" from the anime movie "Whisper of the Heart"
  • Hello! Project Groups:
  • Shuffle Groups:
  • Other:

  • Hobbies: Watching movies, collecting purikura
  • Special Skill: Getting along with anyone
  • Strong Point: Making everyone laugh
  • Weak Point: Fooling around too much
  • Habit: Walking like a crab
  • Favorite Color: Blue, light blue, brown
  • Favorite Flower: Cosmos and sunflower
  • Favorite Movie: The Terminator, Backdraft, Nankyoku Monogatari.
  • Favorite Book: Shonen Magazine.
  • Favorite Word: "Nice"
  • Favorite Season: Summer and winter
  • Favorite Food: Asian pears, kalbi kuk bap, sushi
  • Least Favorite Food: Eggplant
  • Favorite Song: Uwaki na Honey Pie and GET UP! Rapper
  • Charm Point: Eyes
  • Looks Up To: Fujimoto Miki, Sayashi Riho


See Also: List:Okai Chisato Discography Featured In

Indie Singles

Digital Singles

Solo Songs

Image DVDs

419px-chisa1stV 062l

  • [2010.12.24] Chissaa (ちっさー)
  • [2011.12.09] IMP. GIRL (“e-Hello!” DVD)

Live DVDs


Fanclub DVDs

Chisato Okai Birthday Event DVDMikann maro-img426x600-1417090534xujyn219479Mikann maro-img424x600-1432719812ovk1h310820


Solo Photobooks


  1. [2010.12.22] Chisato

Digital Photobooks

Upfcut 02005Upfcute 01205Upfoka 01217

  • [2010.10.05] Alo-Hello! C-ute (アロハロ!℃-ute) (Chisa version)
  • [2012.03.06] Cutest (Chisa version)
  • [2012.10.22] Alo-Hello! C-ute 2012 (アロハロ!℃-ute 2012) (Chisa version)

Concert Photobooks


  • [2012.03.30] Hello! Project 2012 WINTER Hello☆Pro Tengoku Live Shashinshū ~Rock-chan & Funky-chan~


Cover girl

Magazine, Okai Chisato-390545

  • [2013.07.18] Weekly Famitsu Taiwan vol.444

Featured on the cover

00000359XNB24146IK271628275513649AS524620428681374ZQ822330147027969QS128834530711174AA38700000620XAB27813BO232417531311512SF448757827281952ZS701227515935898QS773306712508202AU433HYp5wTop Yell - Sayumi, Reina, Momoko, Chisato, Haruna, Kanon, Mai, Mizuki, Ayumi, Riho, & SakuraMEYnDavBerryz Koubou, Airi, Chisato, Kanon, Sayuki, Akari, Karin, Tomoko



KoinuDannoMonogatari-rV4hvOusama gameGomennasai

TV Programs

  • [2002–2007] Hello! Morning (ハロー! モーニング)
  • [2007–2008] Haromoni@ (ハロモニ@)
  • [2008] Berikyuu! (ベリキュー!)
  • [2008–2009] Yorosen! (よろセン!)
  • [2010–2011] Bijo Gaku (美女学)
  • [2011–2012] Hello Pro! TIME (ハロプロ!TIME)
  • [2012–2013] Hello! SATOYAMA Life (ハロー!SATOYAMAライフ)
  • [2013–2014] GOGO! Smile! (ゴゴスマ)
  • [2014–] The Girls Live
  • [2014–] Haraichi no Kami Appli
  • [2014-] °C-ute no Challenge TV (℃-uteのチャレンジTV)
  • [2015-] Afro no Hen
  • [2015-] Chou Shiritoriaru

TV Dramas

New drama

  • [2011] Tokusou Shirei! Aichi Police (特捜指令!アイチ★ポリス) (as Mai)
  • [2012] Suugaku♥Joshi Gakuen (数学♥女子学園)


Item VMJEXRPJFe7KXAdX2siAzH0GAitzEqys 1EPBE-5423STRONGERSakuranoHanataba

  • [2004] 34 Choume no Kiseki -HERE'S LOVE- (34丁目の奇跡 -HERE'S LOVE-)
  • [2011] 1974 (Ikunayo) (1974(イクナヨ))
  • [2011] Sengoku Jieitai
  • [2012] STRONGER (ストロンガー)
  • [2012] Theater in The Round (青山円形劇場)
  • [2013] Sakura no Hanataba (さくらの花束) as Koyamada Mei (小山田芽以)


  • [2010–] Okaichan, Neru! (岡井ちゃん、寝る!)
  • [2011] Michishige Sayumi no "Mobekimasutte Nani??" (道重さゆみの『モベキマスってなに??』)
  • [2013-] Hello! Project Station (ハロ!ステ)

Music Videos


  • [2013] Tokai no Hitorigurashi (都会の一人暮らし) (Radio drama)

Solo Events

1st Event (2008.06)

  • Ganbacchae! by Morning Musume
  • Ekimae no Dai Happening by Fujimoto Miki

2nd Event (2008.09)

  • Koi no Hana by Abe Natsumi
  • Bishoujo Shinri by ℃-ute

3rd Event (2009.04)

  • Robokiss by W
  • Zutto Suki de Ii Desu ka by Matsuura Aya
  • Big dreams by ℃-ute

4th Event (2009.11)

  • Bokura no Kagayaki by ℃-ute
  • As ONE by ℃-ute
  • ONLY YOU by Zoku・v-u-den
  • EVERYDAY Zekkouchou! by ℃-ute

5th Event (2010.04)

  • ONLY YOU by Zoku・v-u-den
  • Watarasebashi by Matsuura Aya
  • Hajimete Kuchibiru wo Kasaneta Yoru by Matsuura Aya
  • Koi no Jubaku by Berryz Koubou

Rankings & Milestones

  • She ranked 4th in a magazine's 2011 "Girls that seem like they'll become big stars in the future". [1]
  • She ranked at #38 in Anikan R Yanyan magazine's May 2013 "Singing idol you like the most".
  • She ranked 9th in mixi's June 2013 Hello! Project Popularity Ranking.


  • Has said Fujimoto Miki is the Hello! Project member she respects the most.
  • Miyamoto Karin thinks that Chisato is the coolest member of Hello! Project.
  • She often plays "Mario Kart" with the ℃-ute members.
  • She was the first member of ℃-ute to get her own single and own listing on iTunes.
  • Was the last active member of ℃-ute to release their first photo book.
  • Okai's audition song was "Country Roads" from the anime movie "Whisper of the Heart."
  • She has a scar on the right side of her nose. She said she got it before joining Hello! Project.
  • She was known as a "tomboy" in the early years of ℃-ute while she had short hair.
  • She became very popular with posting dance videos on ℃-ute's YouTube account (ocutechannel).
  • Okai was the first member of ℃-ute to dye her hair brown. She first had it dyed around the time she joined Hello! Project Kids.
  • Okai sometimes says that she looks Brazilian because of her naturally tan skin.
  • Okai is scared of ghosts.
  • Okai is the only current member of ℃-ute with type A blood.
  • She is the shortest member in ℃-ute.
  • Claims that she has dog eyes.
  • In Team Okai, she covers Sayashi Riho.
  • Okai and Yajima Maimi are the only two current Hello! Project members who are still in Gatas Brilhantes H.P.
  • Okai says she wants to appear on lots of variety shows to get people to know her.
  • Stated that she thinks Natsuyaki Miyabi has a wonderful smile.
  • She thinks Natsuyaki Miyabi is cute.
  • She has admited to being "in love" with Yajima Maimi during her first few years in ℃-ute.
  • She and Kanazawa Tomoko are the two current Hello! Project members with the most siblings (with 4 each).
  • Three days after turning 20 she tried her first alcoholic drink.

See Also

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