Album by Iida Kaori
Released July 20, 2016
Format CD
Recorded 2016
Length 48:28
Label Teichiku Records
Iida Kaori Albums Chronology
Previous Plein d'Amour ~Ai ga Ippai~ 4th album (2005)

ONDAS (waves) is Iida Kaori's fifth album. It was released on July 20, 2016, and is her first solo album in 11 years. The album is sung entirely in Portugese and contains covers of famous Brazilian songs from the music genre Bossa Nova. Morning Coffee is the only song sung in Japanese, and it is a cover of Morning Musume's debut single.


Garota de Ipanema (Ipanema no Musume) (MV)

Garota de Ipanema (Ipanema no Musume) (MV)

  1. Wave (ウエーブ)
  2. Samba de Uma Nota Só (ワンノート・サンバ; Samba of One Note Only)
  3. Água de Beber (おいしい水; Water to Drink)
  4. Garota de Ipanema (イパネマの娘; Girl From Ipanema)
  5. Morning Coffee
  6. Mas Que Nada (マシュケナダ; More Than Anything)
  7. Corcovado (コルコバード)


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