OMAKE CHANNEL (おまけチャンネル; Bonus Channel) is a YouTube channel featuring short-length videos of Hello! Project members singing, dancing, and doing challenges.[1][2]

Videos are uploaded on weekdays at 19:00 JST on the official YouTube channel.[1] The first video was uploaded on August 1, 2018.

Featured MembersEdit


Year Number of Videos
2018 35 Videos
2019 66 Videos
2020 75 Videos (ongoing)

Regular SegmentsEdit

The dates are used to indicate when the segment was first and last featured on the channel due to segments being uploaded as unnumbered videos.

  • [2018.08.01–] Special Skill (特技; Tokugi)
  • [2018.08.02–] Dance Challenge (ダンスレクチャー)
  • [2018.08.03–] Selfie A Capella (自撮りアカペラ; Jidori A Capella)
  • [2018.08.06–] Off Shot (オフショット)
  • [2018.11.15–] ASMR

  • [2018.09.04–2018.09.28] Kisora's Ferris Wheel (希空の観覧車; Kisora no Kanransha)
  • [2018.09.25–2018.10.22] Kobushi Nationwide Noodle Shop Travelogue (こぶし屋発全国麺紀行; Kobushi Ya Hatsu Zenkoku Men Kikou
  • [2018.10.12–2018.10.30] Challenge Club (チャレンジ部; Challenge Bu)


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